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AMIGASYSTEM 10 September 2020 09:13

iGame Multi-Platform
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Author: MrZammler

Tutoria Video: iGame v2.0 beta 6

iGame v2.0 beta 7: Download

- Changelog file

- Fully updated iGame.guide file
- Changed the menu item name "Add non-WHDLoad game..." to "Add game.." to be more precise, since from that you can add WHDLoad games as well

- Fixed a problem with saving of the CSV file when the old gameslist file had empty genres
- Fixed "Show Favorites" on startup which was not working under AmigaOS 3 with MUI 5
- Fixed the release version and the date on about window
- Fixed the installer that was complaining about missing locale/catalogs folder

AMIGASYSTEM 10 September 2020 15:09

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Since the release of the latest version of iGame I wanted to test it on AROS One 68k, the previous version was crashing. Now the GUI works well also the screenshots are qualitative, the only flaw is the configuration not supported by Zune, it's not a problem just prepare it on OS3 or edit by hand the config file.

Of course to run iGame I had to update the system with some OS3 library, with standard AROS 68k it doesn't work like it doesn't work on ApolloOS.

Test Video iGame 2.0 b6: AROS One 68k

walkero 10 September 2020 17:56

Thanks for testing the latest version.
Can you point me an Aros 68K setup which I could use for testing? Maybe we can solve issues that occur on it. Or at least provide some information on guide doc about it.

What libraries you had to change OS3 versions?

AMIGASYSTEM 10 September 2020 22:13

To run IGame you don't really need any OS3 library but only the path to its libraries, iGame is MUI based and doesn't recognize ZUNE paths, to run iGame besides WHDload and KickStart, you need to copy TextEditor.mcc and TextEditor.mcp to LIBS/MUI.

This trick will allow AROS 68k to run many native MUI applications.

However, there is still the Menu problem that doesn't work with Zune, as said, you can configure all of it on OS3 and bring the ready meal to AROS or edit the config file by hand.

coldacid 11 September 2020 22:43

I wonder if a separate build will be needed for AROS like we do for OS4 and MorphOS. I guess Zune isn't exactly a plug-in replacement for MUI.

AMIGASYSTEM 12 September 2020 07:00

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Zune is a worthy substitute for MUI, only not all MUI applications are supported.

I also use Zune on my OS3 AfA One, as you can see with iGame, there is no difference between MUI and GUI.

wobbly 17 September 2020 01:28

in post #1 what workbench setup is this ? looks sweet what are some of the tools Used icons ect thanks

AMIGASYSTEM 17 September 2020 01:48

This is my AfA One, OS 3.9 BB4 + AfA OS, I created the icons myself, this system is no longer distributed at the moment, read here the features:


AMIGASYSTEM 25 September 2020 17:02

iGame 2.0b7 Update, info and download First Post

SunSpire 28 September 2020 21:05

I highly recommend the use of igame, it's such a nice little helper for launching games. It even supports wheel mouse scrolling with a mouse driver from aminet, which is super cool.

It's been part of my A1200's WB3.1 system CF image for a few years now. Great to see it being developed further! :)

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