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jasonver2.0 06 September 2020 11:37

Amiga Bootblock Reader v4
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Hello all
After a long wait, we are releasing another version of our bootblock program

ABR is a Windows program which allows reading and writing Amiga bootblocks from Amiga Disk Files.

- Now recognises 2166 different bootblocks
- Brainfile / Category list now in XML Format to allow easy editing / import
- Supports ADFs, DMS, ADZ (Gzipped ADF) and Zipped ADF files
(DMS scanning requires XDMS http://aminet.net/package/util/arc/xDMS)
- Will now filter directory scan to only scan disk and bootblock files unless specified
- Now supports sub directory scanning
- Added 'Encyclopedia' of Amiga bootblock programs just for fun
- Reworked GUI to allow for more options
- Fixed lots of bad detection
- Added 'Note' section to allow some bootblock description
- Added indicator of Kickstart requirement and if disk data is needed for boot
- Added function keys
(F1 - Scan new folder / F5 - Rescan drawer / Space - Stop scan)

*Though every effort has been made to make everything work correctly, its still a work in progress and so any good suggestions made will be implemented*

Any bootblock contributions are very appreciated. ABR exists to celebrate the cool variety of bootblocks on the Amiga and more the merrier. We would love for it to be able to detect all the bootblock viruses out there :)

If you have modified your brainfile with a earlier version, send it to us and we'll merge it into the original for everyone (email in About ABR in program)

Amiga Bootblock Reader v4


Bootblock pack - excluding Viruses :)

RoC 06 September 2020 23:12

Amiga Bootblock Reader v4
Being an avid user of the previous versions, many thanks for this update.

Will be downloading tomorrow and test the improvements

Crashdisk 07 September 2020 23:24

Hi Jason,
thank you for this update, I did the same on my side with ADF-Workshop ^^
Small remark in your database:

    <Name>Virus Expert 2 Protektor Bootblock v3.5</Name>
    <Name>Virus Terminator 2.0</Name>

Class "a" ? Your catlist.xml file does not describe this famous class :confused

jordans1979 08 September 2020 01:21

Hello Crashdisk,

Jason and I thought about adding some more bootblock classes which included 'Antivirus' or the <a> class but after some thought it occurred that 95% of the 'Utility' bootblocks would be classed as 'Anti-virus' anyway only with a few exceptions (RAM Switch, Drives On/Off or 50/60hz).

I must have missed a few entries when changing them back to the old categories.

We will be re-posting with the fixed brainfile.xml and a new encyclopedia.xml with more encpics which I had forgotten to give Jason before he posted the program.

jasonver2.0 08 September 2020 04:53

- fixed brainfile class error
- Readded generic detection of Bootgirl / Bootboy bootblocks
- updated encyclopaedia with more pics

See 1st post

jasonver2.0 09 September 2020 14:56


- Now accurately scans for 'DOS' at start of file. Wasn't implemented properly before
causing some errors in batch scan
- Fixed issue when batch scanning a root folder
- Accidentally made 'Scan All Files' always on

ABR v4 zip updated

Crashdisk 09 September 2020 23:38

Thank you guys for your work!

There is a big gain to be made by optimizing the pictures (lossless recompression).
The result is in The Zone...

jasonver2.0 11 September 2020 04:08

Thank you crashdisk :) I forgot about the PNG compression thing

jasonver2.0 20 September 2020 12:23

Update 20/9/20
- Added option display CRC32 checksum or DOS Bootblock checksum in file scanner
- Added known CRC32 checksums to all static bootblocks
- Fixed handling of encrypted and write protected DMS files which caused the scanner to crash
- PNGs in zip optimized

breech 21 September 2020 09:08

Thanks for the update :great

Crashdisk 23 September 2020 11:18

@jasonver2.0 @jordans1979

Hi guys, if you're interested, I've written a tool to help me detect mutations or clones :

Thank you for continuing your great work!

jordans1979 24 September 2020 00:52


Wow! very cool :).Yes that would be very usefull!

I have been wanting Jason to implement something like this in ABR for a while now but as I can't program yet (i'm learning) I wasn't sure what was involved.

Crashdisk 24 September 2020 12:27

ICS BootWriter 2.0
Class : Standard

I think this is a mistake ;)

jasonver2.0 25 September 2020 14:39

Thanks Crashdisk :)

Its meant to be sc (Message / Scroller) not s (Standard) oops

Exodous 25 September 2020 15:56

@Crashdisk is this tool you've mentioned available anywhere?

Crashdisk 25 September 2020 23:07

No, sorry. This kind of tool is not public because it is only useful for people working on bootblocks as for the needs of ABR or ADF-Workshop projects.

Exodous 26 September 2020 07:52

No problem, it looked like it may be able to help with a little project I'm working on indexing all bootblocks from a collection of almost 1TB of ADF's. Whilst removing duplicates is easy, it's the work to check which are small variations of others that is going to take the time.

Edit: I've not yet checked the ADFs for duplicates, so assume there will be quite a few.

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