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benvelor 15 November 2013 20:36

my plan is edit all european championships and for each make 8 teams or 6 for minor ones or 12,14 or 16 for most important

At today i've edited almost 5500 players, but the work is looooong... ;-)

lolafg 15 November 2013 20:41

:great thanks !
Well i'm doing english premier league and will do France, would be great if spain or german championships could be done too !
Just tell me if you can do one of those 2.

benvelor 15 November 2013 20:52

they are already done Germany, France, England and Spain: I have to control them and make some missing summer transfer
I have done teams in first division in 2012/2013 season (because my work started one year ago...), so some teams now are in second division and other are in the first, but for now I update what I have aldready edited

The free time is short....

lolafg 15 November 2013 20:56

:spin So should i wait you to zone them when finished ?
Something i could do to help ?
Should i stop doing premier league ?

benvelor 15 November 2013 21:04

i don't know... so I said my premier league doesn't have all 2013/2014 teams... I miss Swansea, Southampton, WBA, Crystal Palace, Hull and Cardiff... but I have Bolton and Blackburn

So France, Germany and Spain

Fo other championship is more simple, because I don't create all teams, but the best or most famous

I'll upload my teams when they are ready: I don't know what the best thing... Maybe, we can make teams and then the player choose the prefered one.. :-)

Or you can wait my works (about 1 or 2 weeks, I think) and then add the missing teams!

lolafg 15 November 2013 21:10

Ok so i do English and France for now and we will see later for Spain and germany.
If you could zone Italian that would be a+!

benvelor 15 November 2013 21:17

ok, my priority for now is finish italian. I hope in next week

lolafg 15 November 2013 21:27

:great that is ok for me :great

benvelor 26 November 2013 10:15

my works are late.... busy period.... i hope to upload in next week

lolafg 26 November 2013 18:34


Originally Posted by benvelor (Post 923565)
my works are late.... busy period.... i hope to upload in next week

;) No problems , when done just post in the Goal! Leagues thread .

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