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andreas 03 December 2005 03:01

Amiga User International coverdisks (summer 1993 - now)
None in TOSEC afaics; latest is from 04/1993.

I've merely found one of the AUI superdisks from 1996, with a rare (and good) think puzzle game, REAXXION (in the zone).

Do you guys have more?

Galaxy 03 December 2005 03:15

First lot of disks are now in the Zone. The zip file includes:


Note: 199303_AUI21 = AUI Superdisk 21 (Mar 1993) etc. all are superdisks.

More to follow...

I also have a number of pre 1993 disks if you are interested (User/Hyper/Superdisks: 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 17; spanning Aug 1991-Nov 1992)

andreas 03 December 2005 10:39

Thanks! :great

Now, this is going to be another problem: there are only Superdisks in TOSEC :)
I'd never known there is three kinds of them. :shocked

Galaxy 03 December 2005 12:31

It's just what they called their coverdisk. They started off as Userdisks then became Hyperdisks (used a hypercard interface or something like that) before becoming Superdisks.

My disks up to no. 7 are labelled "Userdisk" (ie. Userdisk no. 3, Userdisk no. 5 and so on), 9 is a "Hyperdisk" and 12 is a "Superdisk". All newer disks I have are also called Superdisks.

Graham Humphrey 03 December 2005 12:40

I've also got quite a lot of AUI disks, from November 94 to March 97 (though not all of them). @Galaxy: if you haven't got them I'll happily upload mine (though not all in one go).

Galaxy 03 December 2005 13:11

More disks uploaded to the Zone:

199502_AUI52_e.adf (extended adf)

Disk 54 (and all the newer 2nd coverdisk of each issue) uses 960kB diskspare.device format. I have to work out how to make images of these (rawread just hangs), or decompress the coverdisks to the multi disk sets and image these (usually 2 AUI coverdisks decompress to about 5 or 6 disks), however I need to work out how to mount the diskspare formatted disks from wb using the diskspare.device as my 1200 has a buggered df0: and decompression script on the AUI coverdisks looks for df0: ...

@GH feel free to fill gaps in the disks listed above (and below)... I will start imaging the newer disks soon - I have not yet done 54-58, 61-62, 65-66, 73-74, 79-80

Graham Humphrey 03 December 2005 13:23

I'll start having a look tonight...for the later disks would it be a better idea, since they use DiskSpare, to just take the LZX files on the disk and put them into one archive? It would be a lot easier, I think, than trying to make images of them. As I have DS installed on my system it seems the most sensible way.

Galaxy 04 December 2005 01:33

Ok the rest of my disks have now been dumped and Zoned. For the rest of the disks I copied the contents off the disks rather than imaging them as adfs.

Folders are named with the disk name as appears in Workbench, and folder structure within these are maintained. The first coverdisk of each month is FFS format, the second is 960kB DiskSpare format.

Note for anyone trying to mount the real disks: These disks also did not seem to bee compatible with the later v2 of the diskspare.device which allows for 983kB disks even though the documentation indicated that 960kB disks were supported (they came us as DS1:NDOS). To mount these ones use the diskspare.device and mountlist/dos drivers in the command.lha file on the first disk of the month. You need to copy the diskspare.device to your devs directory, and the appropriate mountlist entries or dos drivers.

SuperDisk51 (199502: FFS)
SuperDisk52 (199502: DS)
SuperDisk53 (199503: FFS)
SuperDisk54 (199503: DS)
SuperDisk55 (199504: FFS)
SuperDisk56 (199504: DS)
SuperDisk57 (199505: FFS)
SuperDisk58 (199505: DS)
SuperDisk61 (199507: FFS)
SuperDisk62 (199507: DS)
SuperDisk66 (199509: DS)
SuperDisk73_XL (199601: FFS)
SuperDisk74_XL (199601: DS)
SuperDisk79_XL (199604: FFS)
SuperDisk80_XL (199604: DS)

@andreas: if you want the FFS disks dumped as adfs for tosec I can do it, but it won't be too high priority for me.

@GH I don't have a copy of no. 50 and my copy of no. 65 is bad which is why those two months are incomplete.

andreas 04 December 2005 04:23

WHOA, Galaxy!

Christ on a bike, it's raining ADFs again! :D :D


@andreas: if you want the FFS disks dumped as adfs for tosec I can do it, but it won't be too high priority for me.
Yes, I'd like to, and as I already said on IRC, there is NO hurry. Easy does it. :)

Thanks again for all the stuff! :)
It's raining disks, Hallelujah it's raining disks, yeah disks ... :cheese

StrategyGamer 04 December 2005 20:38

Why hide the .lzx files inside of .adf files?
Could someone please make an archive of all the AUI disks
NOT as disk images but instead as just the .lzx files that are on the disks?

That would be alot easier to manage in this modern day of internet and hard drives.

Thank you.:)

BippyM 05 December 2005 14:46

the point is to maintain things as they are meant to be (disk structure etc)..

All these disks are in the zone.. surely you can do it yourself!

[idoru] 05 December 2005 18:03

I've got 30 original AUI disks (untested mind, so may or may not still have the correct contents :p), I''ve not checked them against what's been uploaded yet either but...

I no longer have an Amiga, so if anyone in the UK wants them I'd be happy to post them to you to keep for free (if anyone outside UK wants them, I'll happily post them to you if you contribute to the postage). This is provided you are willing to dump them to adf's & upload them to The Zone. A bonus would be if you're also willing/able to dump them for SPS.

Just drop me a private message if interested.

OddbOd 06 December 2005 06:53

Just a sidenote about dumping diskspare disks with rawread. It can be done but only appears to work in 68k mode, with my '020 enabled the whole machine just froze around track 53, I have tried the dump in WinUAE 1.1 and it works just fine. I'll upload disks 91 & 92 in a few minutes so anyone who is interested can take a peek.

Galaxy 06 December 2005 11:09

A few more early AUI disks have been uploaded:

199108_AUI03.adz (Userdisk no. 3)
199110_AUI05.adz (Userdisk no. 5)
199111_AUI06.adz (Userdisk no. 6)
199112_AUI07.adz (Userdisk no. 7)
199202_AUI09.adz (Hyperdisk no. 9)
199205_AUI12.adz (Superdisk no. 12)
199211_AUI17.adz (Superdisk no. 17)

TikTok 07 December 2005 13:38

I have a few more too - I'll check with what has been uploaded when I get home. They were from around disk 53 IIRC.

Aggro69 08 July 2008 00:02

ThereĀ“s no chance to get hold of AUI`s cover cds anywhere? I`ve been looking everywhere for them but with no luck whatsoever...

exoticaga 19 February 2009 01:47

Now i know where i got using diskspare.device, from the aui coverdisks. :(

Has anyone got an image/s (complete). Of any AUI disks (numbers below) they can upload here or at magix. I had in the past used diskspare.device and remember these disks, then would only backup using blockspertrack = 12 low =0 high =79.

But now i have a problem of not beign able to transfer them back to disk (adf).

Would like to play more with these, so if have an original image that is made with blockspertrack - 11 with low = 0 and high =79. I could have a chance to find out what was added and where to the disk. Then apply the same to other disks to get then working and archive them.

Or is their a tool that can make blockspertrack =12 back to = 11 without doing it manually (if it's possible).

These below are NDOS Amiga User International, superdisks (hyperdisks)

Please image from original disks, one (any disk # above) image should do.

Or can an amiga disk have blockspertack = 12 and still be a ndos disk. If so which tool could i use to copy from RAD, DS0 or FF0 devices to an adf image. I have tried a few times df0 reports disk image is incompitable or cannot be written as to many blocks. This is even with using an extended adf, well most teating is with extended adf. Other image tools cannot or will not work with this as need to have 11 blockspertrack.

The one that should do it is Toni (WinUAE) rawread but that just doesn't want to work or know of any RAD, DS0 or FF0 devices, or a blockspertrack = 12 image file.

Another post for this with more and other info here

Galaxy 28 February 2009 13:37

I think diskspare is now a supported format for SPS so you should be able to use the SPS dumping tool to get these disks preserved (eventually).

Maybe one of the SPS guys can confirm this?

kwhawell 01 November 2012 17:22

guys, i'm new to this forum, anyone know why I can't find the zone? i found a link but it says I don't have privaleges for using it, I would love to get my hands on the amiga user international cover disks but as I can't get to the zone I can't get the ones I want.

TCD 01 November 2012 17:25

About the zone: http://eab.abime.net/faq.php?faq=vb_...ezone_faq_item

You won't find the coverdisks there anymore though. For that have a look on the EAB file server and have a look in 'Commodore_Amiga/Collection/Coverdisk/Amiga User International' :)

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