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Flachkoepper 29 December 2004 13:18

Dungeon Master playable preview???
I am searching for the official Dungeon Master playable preview-version by FTL which must have been released in 1987/88.

The preview was on one floppydisk, and it started up like the full version. At the entrance of the dungeon there was a scroll lying on the ground including the message "dungeon master preview" (or something like that). When you opened the door and entered the dungeon, you were able to choose 4 characters (repertory of characters was not as big as in the full version). The preview showed some basic actions like opening doors, using torches, eating, drinking, and so on. A mummy appeared somewhere downstairs and later on you had to fight against two skeletons having swords and shields. Opening the last door, a scripture with "coming soon!" (or something similar) appeared.

I know for 100% that this preview existed, unfortunately I deleted it when I got the full version :(

Google found nothing for me, only the aminet provides a "Preview of Dungeon Master Aid .43" for Amiga; whatever this might be, it's not the version I described above. Has anybody got the "real" preview as an ADF file???

Thank you very much!

Flachkoepper 29 January 2005 18:18

Really no-one? This one is a REALLY RARE piece of software :(

Medvind 29 January 2005 20:51

Too bad, a lot of rare stuff out there still not videly spread or even dumped.

Methanoid 31 January 2005 10:31

I seem to recall a preview.. but my memory is shot... would be nice to find it tho.... have you asked at www.dmweb.free.fr (or similar address)?? Its a DM/CSB website and they collect ALL DMs like for the consoles as well!

Minuous 18 February 2005 01:53

I definitely recall this one too.

Wish I still had it :-(

Methanoid 21 February 2005 13:29

I had a search around www.dungeon-master.com forums but no mention of it.

There was a very cool clone on Atari tho... where you can play 2 player DM... :D

dmweb 31 January 2011 00:11

This thread is many years old... Would anyone have this Dungeon Master preview somewhere?
This is a really rare piece of software: I know of no other mention of it anywhere but in this thread.
Last year, the Atari ST preview version was found (now available here: http://dmweb.free.fr/?q=node/247). Now it would be very nice to dig out the Amiga preview.
Who takes the challenge?

dmweb 27 August 2012 21:59

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but the DM demo for Amiga is now available for download on this page: http://dmweb.free.fr/?q=node/247

Independent 12 June 2013 11:49

I found a Amiga preview. Is it looking for?

In the Zone

dungeon.master 11 December 2013 23:18


Originally Posted by Independent (Post 893660)
I found a Amiga preview. Is it looking for?

In the Zone


How is it possible to access the Zone to get the preview ?

Thanks !

s2325 12 December 2013 00:01

try http://eab.abime.net/faq.php?faq=vb_...ezone_faq_item

dmweb 12 December 2013 00:08

Both previews are also available on this page: http://dmweb.free.fr/?q=node/247

dungeon.master 12 December 2013 00:31


Originally Posted by s2325 (Post 926296)



Originally Posted by dmweb (Post 926299)
Both previews are also available on this page: http://dmweb.free.fr/?q=node/247

Thanks !
I have yet looked at this page, maybe I have misunderstood, I thought they were 2 differents Amiga demos ?

dmweb 12 December 2013 00:38

I only have a single Amiga demo on my site. The description in the first post of this thread seem to describe an alternate version, but as far as I know, nobody has it so it will remain a rumor until proven true

dungeon.master 12 December 2013 00:46

Great finds btw, both ST and Amiga demos :bowdown

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