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Graham Humphrey 31 December 2017 02:16

It's a Knockout! 2017/18: Semi-Finals - Pac-Mania


Rules are available here. Super League rules are here.

Post a picture of your score here with the score written underneath. Enter as often as you like.

Only play through the game once (i.e. no looping) and post your score from when the game is completed.

No cheating (including save states) - anyone caught cheating gets disqualified.

Good luck to all involved - may battle commence...


- WHDLoad-installed


- Lemon thread
- Super League Round 5 threads: EAB - Lemon

Final Scores

LinesMachine - 745,490 v. john4p - 852,240

ED-209 - 719,890 v. jPV - 944,720

john4p 02 January 2018 21:28

First go:



john4p 03 January 2018 22:41



john4p 05 January 2018 00:01

Reached the final world but couldn't finish the game:



ED-209 05 January 2018 06:21

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Well I didn't have high hopes for this round, but have at least beaten my old score. Had a lot of (really poor) attempts earlier in the week. Don't know why I struggle with it tbh.. though it would obviously help if I could manage to start world 2 with more than 2 lives!
Lots of unexpected RL distraction happening here.. but I'll try to find time for a few more attempts tomorrow :)

ED-209 06 January 2018 14:33

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Well I managed to find a lot of time today.. ;)
Really want to make a final at least for the first time.
I had a lot of attempts focusing on points but not lasting long enough, until one great run with only single loss of life into the faster stages. I died on the final level according to the longplay, but still I am way off the pace in terms of 'maximising score'.. hopefully is enough :agree

john4p 06 January 2018 14:39

Good score, truly worthy semifinals this year! :great

ED-209 07 January 2018 03:15

Wow jPV completely annihilated me in the end :laughing
Well.. true to form, the knockout finals continue to elude me!
One day that title.. shall be mine....muaahahahaaaaaa.. *lightning flash*

Good luck to you both in the final :D

john4p 07 January 2018 10:34

Don't fret, jPV is the only one to ever beat rexsu in the Knockout and he also was the very first Knockout champion.

Graham Humphrey 07 January 2018 12:03

I'm back! Did I miss anything?

Well that was a bit of a stonker. John vs jPV in the final but Lines and ED still get to play for the bronze medal.

Although ED hasn't made it to a final yet this is the first time he's made a semi (but that's enough of his private life) :D

Lotus is on the horizon...

ED-209 07 January 2018 14:40


Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey (Post 1210344)
this is the first time he's made a semi (but that's enough of his private life) :D

Oi shoosh you!! :laughing

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