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Codetapper 08 April 2011 13:55

Codetapper's relaunched website
I have been updating my personal Amiga website lately and decided to add some random Amiga stuff that I've found interesting.

It's quite technical in nature, so those that love the gory details will probably get more out of it than your average gamer, but I've also been interviewing some programmers lately and would like to introduce the newest:

Mick West is most famously known for Parasol Stars and it's incredible number of encryption layers and checksums. I talked to him about all his games, working at Ocean, and Mick has even shared his encryption source code!

There are more interviews in the pipeline so stay tuned for further updates!

WayneK 08 April 2011 14:03

Pretty interesting interview, shame he didn't recall more about the copy-protection stuff but it was nice of him to share source code with you :)

Hewitson 08 April 2011 16:23

Thoroughly enjoyed reading both the interviews on the site. Cheers.

Mr Kipling 08 April 2011 19:25

Good interview that.

khph_re 08 April 2011 20:37

Good read, I was just talking to Mick about poly generation using the 68k :)

Joe Maroni 08 April 2011 21:49

awesome technical stuff....keep the work...i love it...:)

EDIT: please edit your profile to the new website..:)

Leffmann 08 April 2011 21:51

"Look mum! I can use SEKA, TETRAPACK and DMS! (Next week I'm learning bowel control)" :laughing I wonder if he's still in the game industry and if he's still leaving messages like these :)

alexh 08 April 2011 22:58

Great work. If you need introductions to the Thalion people (via facebook or linked in would be best) then just ask.

Outside Thalion the only coder I can think of whom I occasionally talk to is Jez San & Peter Warnes (Starglider 1 & 2, Birds of Prey, Days of Thunder).

Musician wise : Dave "uncle art" Lowe, Alistair Brimble, Barry Leitch, Bjorn Lynne

One or two others.

Oh, BTW. I would have liked to have asked Rob about his dual format disks and how that came about. Thalion did something similar too and I think even had tri-format (Atari, Amiga and PC) format.

viddi 08 April 2011 23:20

Great site. Thanks!

Codetapper 08 April 2011 23:34

Thanks for your comments! The content management system I'm using has the ability to leave page comments, I'm not sure whether it's worth enabling them or not as they tend to get filled with spam no matter what you try. Any thoughts?

Rob Northen seems to have vanished and hasn't responded to any follow-ups sadly.

I've put another interview online, this time Keith Watterson, the programmer behind the Amiga parts of the puzzler Pushover.

wXR 08 April 2011 23:48

These are AWESOME articles, Codetapper!

Any chance you could get an RSS feed going on this jewel? :)

Codetapper 09 April 2011 12:39

@wXR: RSS feed added to the interviews page.

@Joe: Website profile updated!

@Leffmann: I personally like Richard Aplin's dig at 'that' company: "Tiertex wrote the protection check code (which is utter shit - well on form
for Tiertex!)"

AmigaFriend 09 April 2011 16:04


Originally Posted by Codetapper (Post 748658)
@Leffmann: I personally like Richard Aplin's dig at 'that' company: "Tiertex wrote the protection check code (which is utter shit - well on form
for Tiertex!)"

Galahad should be happy. :p

Codetapper, great interviews and great site indeed, keep it up! :great

Hewitson 09 April 2011 16:38

This is my personal favourite:


Originally Posted by Richard Aplin
Final Fight ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 14925%!
Cracked, Trained, Nobbed-Up and ½-parted by the amazing _______!!!
Call our UK HQ on ____-______ for 1.4Tetrabytes of warez stored on Sinclair Microdrive, on-line 25hrs a minute, 75-19.2Gigabaud.


Kitty 09 April 2011 17:44

interesting read codetapper :D

kamelito 09 April 2011 23:22

very nice and interesting interview, you might do one with Paulie Hughes former Ocean employee :)



Minuous 10 April 2011 02:29

Is Rob Northen really your "hero"? Personally, I see him similarly to eg. Microsoft staffers that added DRM crap to Windows, trying to restrict user's rights, certainly not something to be proud of.
Nice site though.

Codetapper 10 April 2011 10:51

@Minuous: Where does it say that he's my hero? He's a very interesting individual, and the interview seems to be the only one on the internet and for anyone that has ever cracked a copylock, it's great to hear from the man that created it!

Minuous 10 April 2011 12:01

The quote is from http://www.codetapper.com/amiga

I didn't mean to annoy you, the interview is good, I was just curious about your philosophy.

BTW are you planning to reinstate any of the content from your old site, eg. the cracking tutorials?

Codetapper 10 April 2011 13:02

I'm referring to the programmers with that statement, as I'm interviewing some more at the moment. That Rob Northen interview is from about 2003!

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