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lopos2000 18 August 2005 23:41

FMS on an A1200
How do I create/install a FMS drive on my A1200?:help
What prog do I have to use?:confused
Please help.

Codetapper 19 August 2005 02:29

Search Aminet for FMS - I think the file you need is fms_20.lha (readme)

lopos2000 19 August 2005 08:48

Thanks. I will give it a try. I installed it but it does not work.

'Assign FMS: to a directory on your hard disk where you want the 900k virtual floppy file to be.'

How do I do this?
Help me.

BippyM 19 August 2005 13:34

create a directory on your HD for the FMS images to go (you wont use this directory) and then in your user startup add the following line:


assign FMS: <path to your directory>
this should do the trick

lopos2000 19 August 2005 13:44

Thanks bippym. As every very helpful. Just did it.
Next question: How do I copy a adf file into FF0:? Do I need TransADF to do this?

BippyM 19 August 2005 14:03

something like that.. I can't remember if FF0: is a standard adf type image, if it is goto your FF0: directory and check.. you might be able to copy the adf over and simply rename it :)

Have a try might work!

lopos2000 19 August 2005 14:25

I'll gave it try but it does not work. I used TSGUI to copy adf file to FF0. In the FMS dir it only says 'Unit 0'.

thomas 19 August 2005 14:28


why do you ask this in the hardware forum ? This is a pure software question, it does not even touch emulation of hardware. If you want FMS in hardware, you should look for something like this: http://www.lascon.co.uk/d001002.htm

However, if you are after a solution for mounting ADFs as virtual floppy disks, you should rather use DiskImage or XFS. These do not require the ADFs to have specific names and to reside in a specific directory, you can mount just every file everywhere. You can even mount non-standard disk sizes (e.g. HDFs).

lopos2000 19 August 2005 14:33

I just thought floppy disk = FMS = Hardware. Sorry, you're right. It's a software problem.
So, you recommend XFS. Is it easy to use. Any tips how to install it. Please

thomas 19 August 2005 14:48

DiskImage is probably the better choice because it is still being worked at. However, I was quite happy with xfs when I used it.

Installation is easy: copy file.device to Devs, xfsd to L and FILE0 to Devs/DosDrivers or Storage/DosDrivers (in the latter case you have to mount it manually when you need it). And you need reqtools.library, so install ReqTools if you don't yet have it.

Usage is easy, too. Whenever you press the hotkey (IIRC it was Shift+Alt+Numpad-0) you get a file requester where you can choose an image file. Leave the file name empty to eject the currently mounted disk. If you choose a non-existant file name, a new image is created. You are asked which size it should be.

XFS has the advantage that you can mount not only ADFs or HDFs formatted with the Amiga file system but you can also mount images of PC floppies (e.g. 720K or 1.44M in size). If you don't use file.device but mfm.device, it is a good replacement for CrossDOS supporting long file names. (This was the initial purpose for XFS. File.device is just an add-on.)

If you create other mountlists like FILE0 (e.g. FILE1, FILE2 etc.) you can have multiple drives. The hotkey then is Shift+Alt+1, Shift+Alt+2 etc (all numbers on the keypad). To create FILE1, load FILE0 into an editor, change UNIT=0 to UNIT=1 and save it as FILE1.

BippyM 19 August 2005 14:56

Not much good on an a600 then :/

lopos2000 19 August 2005 17:10

I got FMS to work together with TSGUI. Must have been the adf file (arcade pool) that had a problem. Tried it with another adf file and it worked. Tried XFS but it's to complicated for me. Followed the instruction and I ended up with some devices like (800MB, 5000MB,etc). Does someone here has the Arcade Pool game? If so, please up it in the zone.

RetroMan 19 August 2005 22:16

Btw. for simply put an ADF to FF0: FF1: and so on, try ADF2FMS .... also on Aminet :)

lopos2000 20 August 2005 17:56

Thanks for the link.

DrVarnick 23 December 2017 13:52

For me is not Working.
There is no Drive icon on the desktop and when i double clik the FMS on DOSDRIVERS i get the message Device 'FMS' is already mouted

emufan 23 December 2017 15:10

I did never use this one, but from the docs, it says, after mounting,
you need to make an assign to FMS: and format the disk:

- Assign FMS: to a directory on your hard disk where you want the
900k virtual floppy file to be.

- SYS:System/Format drive FF0: name Empty NoIcons FFS

if this all fails, you may try using diskimage.
it has a gui ( i think it does need mui ) - maybe better solution.

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