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Stratplayer 19 July 2018 17:06

hard drive image errors at 75% data corrupt ?
Hi all, tried to back up my amiga hard drive, it booted up but reported missing files, all whdload games are still there but cant load them because of lack of ram, I cant mount the image files because I dont have a rom file but basically the drive wasn't full around 40 % of the drive had data and it wont go past 75 % do you think I can recover many of my whdload installed games ? or do you think the chances are slim and just move on and buy a cf card with workbench and games installed ? I was planning on reinstalling on a blank card with a classic wb lite. also does amiga forever value with the 1.3 rom contain enough for me to mount this image and try and get the games off or would I need a v2 or 3 rom to see the contents of the image.

Jope 19 July 2018 20:01

If it's only whdload installs that you need, then those are rather easily available online. Naturally any saved games would be lost.

Apart from that, it's dd_rescue and patience I'm afraid.

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