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s2325 20 August 2008 08:15

REQ: "Dr Cube's Magic Lands" cheats/trainer
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some screenshots:

TCD 20 August 2008 09:52

Hi s2325,

do you have a trained version of Dr Cube's Magic Lands or do you search one? ;)

s2325 20 August 2008 10:11

I'm searching for cheats or trainer for this game. It's good game with unfair controls.

TCD 20 August 2008 10:21

Then I would like to second the request :agree I thought you may have found a cheat or trainer for it. Maybe Graham can add 'wanted' to the thread title when he reads this :)

DamienD 21 August 2008 23:05

Thread title edited ;)

TCD 21 August 2008 23:07

:great Thanks Damien!
Let's hope someone knows any cheats for this game :)

hipoonios 06 September 2015 16:29

Was this a commercial release?

I played this a bit yesterday and there is a copy protection in level 2. To continue play you need to check the manual :(

Anyone know where to find the manual? Or maybe someone can crack this? :)

musashi9 18 September 2015 13:54

In the zone

Gzegzolka 18 September 2015 16:49

cheat for level skip would be welcome. I also play it some time ago and stuck on second level.

Superman 18 September 2015 22:59


Originally Posted by Gzegzolka (Post 1041880)
cheat for level skip would be welcome. I also play it some time ago and stuck on second level.

Musashi 9 just put his crack into the zone which has a level skip as you can see.


Gzegzolka 19 September 2015 11:30

I have looked on ftp and do not find it - in with folder did You upload it?

s2325 19 September 2015 11:31

try http://eab.abime.net/faq.php?faq=vb_...ezone_faq_item

Gzegzolka 19 September 2015 11:58

Thanks, now it works.

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