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sgt_chimp 02 December 2001 03:02

Need help in Elite V2.0
Ive just moved from playing Elite Plus on PC to Elite V2.0 on the Amiga. Problem is just when im get good the game goes and makes it stupidly difficult.

iv'e played from about 1 hr 10mins and only made 4 or 5 space station stop offs to trade. i've oh-so cunningly worked out that when the "condition red" alarm sounds that if i slow down to a near halt and aim my ship at the little grey dot that represents a far off pirate ship and fire like mad by the time it arrives in view it goes BANG! know im not sure is this is the games iffy AI but after about 3 of these cheap kills (i dont do it just beacse its cheap, but beasce i have no idea how tough the incoming ship is) a big pink Thergoid ship jumps in and when and if i manage to beat it 5 or 6 of the green Thergoids come in this has happened 3 times in a row in 3 seperate planets and last time the law kicked off on me for no reason. is this a bug?, punishment for being a cheap git? or just an insane learning curve?

coffeedotbean 02 December 2001 05:09

I remember theres a cheat to get unlimited hyerspace jumps/fuel or something like that, but I cant remebr how, do a www search or go to a cheat search engine.

Thats the best I can do, I found it far 2 hard and didnt play it that much when I bought it years ago, l could never land on planets, always blow up. :D

Thats the best I can do.

sgt_chimp 02 December 2001 05:18

Well i managed to avoid the mass gang banging by staying close to Lave but i've run into another problem, What the hell is the point in trading slaves it automaticaly makes me an offender and by the time i jump to the next station the law is wating there for me and I cant dock coz the instant I kill a police ship one spawns within seconds to take its place and I cant manover in combat and line up for docking?

coffedotbean I think your problem might have been: trying to land on planets. it cant be done you need to dock with space stations, unless of course your talking about Elite 2: Frontier. Im on about Elite V2.0 witch is a remake of Elite 1. but thaks any way.

sgt_chimp 02 December 2001 18:06

Hmm thought i had it sussed and I just went and got wiped out by 2 pink Thergoid ships (i've only got the starting set up), while not using cheap kills and on a corperate run planet. this is driving me mad. Oh well, back to Project X.

MethodGit 02 December 2001 19:57

You must have a really screwed-up version there, sgt_chimp...

But isn't Project X just as hard as Elite 2.0?

Galahad/FLT 02 December 2001 22:51

Ref: Elite v2.0 (Mr.Micro)

If you deal in dodgy items (slaves, narcotics, weapons), then you automatically attract the attention of the police and pirate ships.

Before you hyperspace anywhere, check out the information on the planet system you are jumping to. If its anarchy, and you are dealing with any of those items, then you will be intercepted.

Similarly, the reason why you get picked up by Thargoid ships in mid hyperspace is for the same reason.

Try to pick your planets carefully. If there is a planet selling alloys dead cheap, and there is a planet nearby that is not industrial, chances are you will make a lot of money when you trade with them (you obviously wont know till you hyperspace there)

Use the available information before you leave a system so that you know where to fly to.

When you can afford it, get a front Military laser, then, you can deal with whatever you like because it will destroy a Thargoid ship before it releases the smaller ships.

Then, when you have more money, get a Naval Power unit which will enable your military laser to fire for longer, so if you are dealing in some really dodgy shit, you will still be able to take three-four Thargoid ships out without breaking a sweat.

Hope thats of some use.

Drake1009 02 December 2001 23:47

Somehow the game sounds so much more interesting when you talk about it than my experiences (Which includes not figuring out how to leave a system and generally giving up too soon):D

I should try again.

sgt_chimp 03 December 2001 01:00

Cheers Galahad/FLT I spoke to one of my mates who played the game fanaticlay ages ago and he said pretty much the same thing.

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