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numberzero 12 July 2006 23:25

Req: Captive 2: Liberation
i have heard many good things about this game and i am foaming at the mouth to get a chance to play it. this genre has the best games ever concieved in it, please help.

BippyM 13 July 2006 02:52

try planetemu (if it is still up)

and Captive the original is far far better :D

Zetr0 13 July 2006 12:46

Indeed it is. i have the CD version, and even fully installed (wich can take a while) its missing something like *game play* for one.

even though its graphically more (if you like the driller like filled polys) with textures, but is not a patch on the original....

caffeinekid 13 July 2006 12:56

Captive is the game I have played the most hours on ever I think... the original one... with the possible exceptions of Tony Hawks 2 on the Dreamcast and Final Fantasy III(6) on the SNES. :D

Truely fantastic game.

BippyM 13 July 2006 13:35

I can't believe you put Captive and Tony awks in the same sentence :p

caffeinekid 13 July 2006 23:16

Just imagine them in the same game! :O

BippyM 13 July 2006 23:17

I'd rather not if that's okay with you.. unless well of course my droids blow the shit outta him :D

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