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DonutKing 14 October 2018 03:05

Help with PFS3 on CF
Need some assistance please :)
Trying to setup a 16GB CF card for my A1200 rev 1D4 with 3.1 ROMs.

I followed the guide here: https://16bitdust.wordpress.com/2015...nuae-and-pfs3/

I have partitioned the card into a 1024MB partition for DH0, and the remaining space as DH1. installed PFS3 on both partitions and then installed latest version of ClassicWB ADVSP.

Everything works fine in WinUAE but when I install it into my Amiga I get the below error on boot:

If I click OK I get told there is no disk in DH0, and eventually after continuing to click OK I get dumped to a CLI prompt. I can't open either DH1: or DH0: - it just asks me to insert it into any drive.

I am using scsi.device 44.2 and placed it in the DH0 DEVS folder.

Here's what sysinfo says about DH0:

Here's HDToolbox settings:



Any assistance would be appreciated :)

thomas 14 October 2018 10:30


Originally Posted by DonutKing (Post 1276670)
I am using scsi.device 44.2

This is known to cause issues. Try again with 43.45.

DonutKing 15 October 2018 02:27

Thanks so much, that fixed it :great

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