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Akira 20 June 2008 14:05

WTB: Sega 6-button joypad 1ST GEN (read)
I am looking for a very first generation Sega Genesis 6 button joypad.

This one is different to all others released afterwardss.

I am looking for the standalone version, anything that came with the consoles is probably not first gen, except maybe the very very first batches of Genesis 2.

If in doubt post a picture here.

It's NOT any of these


This one's a fake:

This is not it but it might work, though I can't say because I need to test it.
Notice the shape and compare with the first pic. The first pic seems like they are smaller pads. The "smaller" ones are the common ones. I want it shaped like this one, but the mid button is grey, though, as I said, this one with the red button might operate just like the one I want and might be OK, but I can't tell if I don't touch it.

Sorry for the small picture, but it is this one:

I have one but I want another.

alexh 20 June 2008 14:10

One of these?


alexh 20 June 2008 14:14


Akira 20 June 2008 15:20

:D thanks.
Oh it's in the US... Shipping to Berlin will be stupid.

I will keep looking on ebay though. But if anyone here has one... Seems like the red button one is teh euro version, I kind of fancy that red button.

cane 20 June 2008 16:24

Why it would be stupid to ship it to Berlin? Seller has stated that postage is $8.70, really not expensive. I buy often things from states, and the postage is always reasonable.

Akira 20 June 2008 16:30

Because it can be much cheaper from inside Germany.
I just found a Megadrive pad (red button one) for less and in Germany. we'll see how that bid goes.

alexh 20 June 2008 17:00

Why does it have to be this particular pad?

Akira 20 June 2008 18:29

It is the best pad ever conceived by Man :P
The feel is different to all the others. best response ever .
Sega would not superceed this model ever again, not even with its Saturn joypad.

Try it if you may :)

boing_1000 20 June 2008 19:20

I have one for my Genesis/Megadrive as you Brits call it and I love it. Works wonderfully, much better than the 3 button pads which broke everytime you used one.

Cerberus73 20 June 2008 21:55

i have the Reb buttoned one for megadrive mk2, and the grey buttoned one as well for my mk1 megadrive, your right the 3 button ones always break, ive a heap of them. and a pair of 6 buttom competition pro pads.. they aint bad.

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