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zerohour1974 06 October 2015 03:14

Screenshot capture?
I have tried all ways to capture screenshots using WinUAE...

Configured Screenshot Directory to non Program Files directory (aka writable one)
Tried End-PrtScreen no joy...
Tried F12 Save Screenshot

Tried to remap the XBOX360 controller button 3 to Screenshot (file) but it would not let me.

All I want is to save a few screenshots to file

Admittedly they are WHDload files do I need a specific program. Sure I could window mode it and use some form of image capture program but that seems a bit overkill.

Admittedly I am using version 3.2.0 beta 13....(tried 15 but it would not load my setup)

Help please...:sad

Retrofan 06 October 2015 03:27

I'm a complete noob, but what happens if you press the PrtScn key in the keyboard?

"PrtScn key. When you press it, an image of your screen is copied to the Clipboard. This is called a screen capture or screen shot.

To print the screen capture or send it to someone in an e‑mail, you'll first have to paste it into Paint or some other image-editing program and save it."

zerohour1974 06 October 2015 03:43

Yes I can paste it from clipboard using PRTSCN key and importing into Photoshop and saving it. I just can't get it so save a screenshot to file from WINUAE which I believe is possible. It's a certain keypress setup just don't know what it is.

Also its a laptop so getting Prtscn has to be done using FN key. this is also why I wanted to set it as a key press or a joystick button press.

zerohour1974 06 October 2015 03:51

I feel a bit stupid / confused. After a few restarts of WinUAE it decided to work using F12 and save screenshot.

Dunno why. Odd :/

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