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Wasagi 04 July 2010 14:53

[Found: Gravity] Amiga space game
Hi there,

Looking for an amiga game space game, viewed from an isometric view point. Im pretty sure it was wireframe in appearance.

You had a ship that flew around space. You had a solar sail to rely on should you run out of fuel and you could drop drones. I think you needed to make your way to wormholes :s

Hope someone can help! :)

blade002 04 July 2010 14:55

I am quite convinced the game you are looking for is Gravity

Wasagi 04 July 2010 21:25

You're right!

Oh my, how do people manage to get these! There are so many games I vaguely remember but thoroughly enjoyed

blade002 05 July 2010 13:02

The words Isometric, Wireframe & Wormholes instantly put the name Gravity into my mind. There are not too many games that look and play like that one! Glad i could help :)

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