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8bitbubsy 09 November 2019 12:08

"View By: Name" on drawers taking up a ton of chipmem in Workbench
So I have Workbench 3.1 installed with fblit, ftext and the new icon.library by PeterK. Everything works well and is taking up minimum chipmem.

However, if I view stuff in a folder by name/date/size instead of icons, it can eat up over 300K chipmem for a directory that is not even that big. Are there any known patches out there to fix this? It sounds like it is rendering the whole list to chipmem instead of only the viewable area, which is a massive waste...

PeterK 09 November 2019 13:27

That's a problem of workbench.library and you can't change that for WB v40. I don't know any patch.

For WB v44 (from OS 3.5) you can use WBCTRL IMT=ICONFAST and for v45 (OS 3.9) you can set "images" to use "other memory" in Prefs/Workbench. OS 3.1.4 does that automatically. But for workbench.library v44 or higher you would also need another FBlit.cfg.

8bitbubsy 09 November 2019 13:29

A friend of mine has the same problem with 3.1.4 btw, so I think the problem is elsewhere?
EDIT: That was another problem unrelated to this, sorry.

PeterK 09 November 2019 13:38

No, in that case it's the 3.1.4 icon.library that still uses some amount of ChipMem, not the workbench.library.

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