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blade002 06 March 2017 09:26

New YouTube Channel :)
Just to let you know guys, I have just started a new Amiga related YouTube channel which will eventually also branch out into the C64 and newer titles on the PC.

It's a choppy start, as time goes on I will improve the quality, time constraints in life get in the way but things will improve :)

Enjoy, hopefully :crazy:crazy

btw - as you can see I'm not blade002 for the channel, thought I would change it up so for the channel it's Perihelion74


Gordon 06 March 2017 09:35

Nice start! Always nice seeing game footage straight of a CRT to get the authentic feel.

God luck with it, hope you keep it up.

p.s you sound like the modern vintage gamer!

T_hairy_bootson 06 March 2017 10:27

Blade you got the voice for it, well done, keep at it. :D

Anakirob 06 March 2017 11:27

Goddamn 1000cc Turbo's music gets on my tits. Last year I began the task of playing all the games in my WHDLoad collection at least once, and from my experiences I think you'll be a few titles in to the "A"'s before you come across one that is actually fun to play.

One suggestion I might have is whenever using WHDLoad I always use NTSC wherever it is sensible to do so. It would be nice if the graphics filled the screen a bit more, and a slightly faster refresh rate can't hurt..

SuperPlay 07 March 2017 22:17

All the best of luck with the new channel :-)

B14ck W01f 09 March 2017 05:49

Great start with the channel!

I laughed when you said that Super Hang-On should be called Super Fall-Off.

Also, there is no need to show your ugly mug. it is featured in your EAB avatar, right? :)

Marchie 10 March 2017 01:55

Always good to hear an Aussie accent!

I'll see you around the shearing sheds, or maybe rounding up cattle and shooting Kangaroos. Y'know, coz that's what we Australians do all day...

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