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arpz 21 June 2013 23:22

New Chaos Engine!!
I'll just leave this here...


TCD 21 June 2013 23:36

That's thin... very thin :blased

Retro-Nerd 22 June 2013 00:14

It's nothing so far.

Lord Riton 22 June 2013 06:56

Chaos engine was certainly a great game, when it came out, for it's time.

I played it too, but never really liked it that much as some other games i had on the Amiga.

It's one of these games that brings some nostalgy feeling to "old" people who played and liked it in the past, but i seriously doubt that a remake would be that great and would attract new people.

When i see threads like that, i'm thinking: "Poor people who live in the past, and who will be disapointed when they realize games nowadays are much more sofisticated and fun"


frikilokooo 22 June 2013 09:14

If they have to Dan Malone making the graphics,preferably 2D,then I would be very interested to see the result

blade002 22 June 2013 12:15

I wouldn't mind seeing it but I can only imagine I will need a joypad on the PC to play it and I hate joypads, I play as bad as a 5 year old when I use one :(

gimbal 22 June 2013 20:05


Originally Posted by blade002 (Post 895385)
I wouldn't mind seeing it but I can only imagine I will need a joypad on the PC to play it and I hate joypads, I play as bad as a 5 year old when I use one :(

The original played just fine with a keyboard.

I'm more hoping for a 3DS version to be honest!

trackah123 24 June 2013 21:23



TCD 24 June 2013 21:53

It's has to be some kind of a joke... not even *one* screenshot...

lilalurl 24 June 2013 22:04


Originally Posted by TCD (Post 895971)
It's has to be some kind of a joke... not even *one* screenshot...

Wait a bit, impatient one.

First we will get a teaser trailer with 1 minute of logos, 30 seconds of pointless text ("ambitious remake" etc....), a few seconds of videos (or several still pictures) from a cutscene, then more pointless text (reviews and scores for the original CE) and a tentative release date (+ maybe some ratings).

Then perhaps we can get a gameplay trailer which will be more of above with a few actual screenshots (but no real gameplay demonstration), usually moving from one corner of the screen to another to make it feel there is real dynamism in showing a screenshot...

TCD 24 June 2013 22:22

Don't blame me... arpz used two exclamation marks and got me all excited :blased

You can already pay for whatever it is and there's zero, zilch, nada, absolutely friggin' nothing of the actual game to be seen, so I'll just assume it's some sort of scam :p I'll happily eat my own words when the game will be out and better than sliced bread, but I honestly doubt that.

trackah123 24 June 2013 22:32

Looking at the top link its being made by the dutch http://abstractiongames.com/blog/

Being assisted by Mike from The Bitmaps.

But i guess we have to wait before they are going to release ingame-screenshots or anything gameplay related.

s2325 24 June 2013 22:40

I hope it's better than Chaos Engine for Java. It's almost impossible to shoot diagonally and they changed music.

TCD 24 June 2013 22:49

"Pre Order. Released August 2013" on the checkout. That's 2 months... I'll shut it now, but people should make kickstarters if they need money in advance.

Dastardly 25 June 2013 18:46

Potentially very very excited!

My node is activated...

dlfrsilver 25 June 2013 19:35

keep it in your pants please ahah XD !

Dastardly 25 June 2013 21:11

I promise nothing!

Cherno 25 June 2013 21:42

I hope this gets re-envisioned as a Call of Duty clone, how cool would it be to have modern 3D graphics instead of the badly aged pixel"art" look, and no one is playing top-down shooters anymore anyway. They should finally get rid of the dumb energy bars and medkits and instead make the health recharge automatically if the player stays in cover for a moment. So much better. There should also be more linear levels instead of the confusing multiple-exit affairs of the original, and quicktime events multiple times per level so it feels like an interactive movie! Lastly, I wish that this game gets made for consoles primarily, with a focus on the console game controller's strength like precise aiming and force feedback. A PC post would be nice but is not required, I'd rather play from my couch because my belly is too fat to fit between the chair, me, and the desk.

/Troll :D

P.S.: The game should also support leaderboards and online highscore lists, who cares if I have to be connected to the internet continously while playing the game if it allows me to show other how good I am at this game? As for DRM, I have no friends to trade with anyway so I don't care if I only "license" the game instead of actually owning it and being able to do what I want with it.

kamelito 25 June 2013 21:43

No more suspens, the truth is out there -> http://www.digitalspy.ca/gaming/news...-consoles.html


TCD 25 June 2013 22:36

Phew, that's my 8 € saved here :cheese

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