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zharn 13 February 2013 09:57

Amiga IDE/RAM 4MB TJT 2011

I picked up an a1000 and im trying to find any docs info on this board

It plugs into the cpu socket, then have a bunch of surface mount ics and cf cards adaptor on the end of a ide cable.

Its working, but how does this work where can i get more, you get the idea.


alexh 13 February 2013 10:33

That board was created by a guy with an Amibay forum name of tomthul.

He made several different versions.



I don't believe he is active anymore. (i.e. you cannot buy them today)

As to _how_ it works... how much detail do you want?

zharn 13 February 2013 10:40

how to setup, install etc and an overview of how it works would be great!!

alexh 13 February 2013 10:59

Setup and install? I thought that it was working? It should be just take out the CPU from the motherboard. Plug the CPU into the IDE/RAM board and then plug the lot into the motherboard where the CPU was. Taking care of orientation.

If it works anything like the other IDE adapter it replicates the A600 Gayle IDE registers. That means that you can boot from that device as if it was an A600 HDD using any kickstart which supports booting from IDE (i.e. kickstart 2.05 v37.300 and above).

If you want to install Workbench onto the a CF card from scratch, it would be best to do it on the PC using WinUAE and a USB CF card reader. Then after you have it setup and all your applications installed transfer the card to the Amiga. Take care to set the MAX TRANSFER value correctly (0x1FE00).

There are 100's of guides online about how to do that. Just google.

If the RAM controller supports what is called "Autoconfigure" then it should be plug and play and your extra 4Mbytes of RAM will just show up (when booting from a floppy disk with no CF card attached).

If it doesn't then you may need to run a tool which will tell the OS where the memory is.

cosmicfrog 14 February 2013 00:35

I may be wrong but I don`t think tomthuls ide adapters allow you to auto boot

I havent got the disks imaged up or I would post em for you

best join amibay and ask in the thred alexh posted links to

humm good point alexh havent heard of tom for a while

desiv 14 February 2013 00:41

Yeah, it's not a Gayle IDE..
It doesn't autoboot.
It requires a boot floppy to load the driver.

When I got mine (which wasn't the CPU mounted, but sidecar, although I think it works the same), it came with a kickwork floppy that included the kickstart and then it loaded the driver for the HD and transferred control over to it and then completes the boot from the HD. So, you only need 1 floppy to boot your A1000 to a full WB.

Also, the RAM doesn't autoconfigure, it uses a program called autoaddram (on the boot floppy for me) and a config file to add the RAM to the OS.


zharn 23 February 2013 11:29

Got this thing working today made a boot disk from scratch (had one but had errors) so lots of trial and error. 4gb cf wont work, 2gb and under will.

its a neat! tomthul my a1000 (ks3.1, wb3.1) can do whdload now thanks for making this.

desiv 23 February 2013 18:26


Originally Posted by zharn (Post 870556)
Got this thing working today made a boot disk from scratch (had one but had errors)

Interesting.. I wonder what...

Originally Posted by zharn (Post 870556)
... my a1000 (ks3.1, wb3.1) can do whdload now thanks for making this.

The boot disk I think he provides (at least the one I got) was a kickwork disk.
That means it's designed to boot the A1000 from Kickstart on the floppy (and it's a patched kickstart) and then transfers control to the "rest of the floppy" which is a special format (hence the need for the patched kickstart) and that then transfers control to the IDE to finish the boot.

If you have a modded A1000 that has kickstart ROMs already (do you? Guessing with the 1.3/3.1 option you mentioned), then it won't work.
The kickwork disk patches the floppy driver in ROM to allow it to read the disk.

When I was testing it on my A500, I had to boot the A1000, and then copy the disk (files, not whole disk copy) to a standard format disk.

Of course, your issue might also have just been disk corruption, but I just thought of this... I don't KNOW that you had a kickwork floppy. ;-)

Glad you got it working...


zharn 24 February 2013 05:35

It has 3.1 40.63 rom. I just made a bootable floppy, copied over bar min S, C, L, Libs

put ide.device was in either root or devs folder
made a devs:mountlist file then mount drive:
assign everything to cf and execute drive:/s/startup-sequence

i would like to get a copy of the original kickwork to see how that works, i know its suppose to make RAD disk.

desiv 24 February 2013 07:05


Originally Posted by zharn (Post 870719)
i would like to get a copy of the original kickwork to see how that works, i know its suppose to make RAD disk.

The one I have isn't a RAD disk.
What it does is that it uses a patched kickstart. As you have a kickstart in ROM, that won't work for you.
But if your 1000 still read the kickstart from floppy, it would load the patched kickstart from floppy. Then, instead of asking for you to insert a boot floppy, it continues to boot off of the same kickwork floppy, loading the IDE driver. When that's done, it transfers control over to the IDE/CF drive and that drive finishes the boot.

Of course, its possible that tomthul has several different versions of the boot disk.
I got mine before he was actually selling them. So I'm not sure that's how all of them work.

A RAD drive would work nicely also, requiring only the initial floppy boot to prep the RAD drive.

Actually, tomthul was working on a battery backed up RAD drive also. So mixing the 2 would give you a bootable IDE drive even surviving power downs. Not sure if he finished the battery backed RAD.


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