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trackah123 15 July 2011 19:13

F12 problem with my laptop
Hi Guys.

I have a somewhat strange issue with WinUAE on my laptop.
The emulator itself works fine but when im in fullscreen mode and i press F12, the emulator pauses but i cannot see the F12 options screen. (Like its not focused). Tho the mouse cursor is responding to the F12 screen "changing cursor to arrow/hand type" while i cannot see the actual F12 screen.

Then i have to press alt+tab to go back to Windows Desktop and press alt+tab again and then the F12 options menu shows up fine.

This i have to do everytime when i press F12.

Is there a way to fix this? i tried disabling all unnecessary services and apps in Windows, even the "Always-on-top" option in WinUAE does not work.

trackah123 16 July 2011 06:55

Already figured out what caused it.

With Double/Triple Buffering enabled in WinUAE i get this problem.
With No Buffering it works fine (WinUAE Display settings).

Toni Wilen 16 July 2011 16:06

Does the same happen in both D3D and DirectDraw modes? (Misc panel)

trackah123 16 July 2011 16:56

No, Direct3D seems to work fine with Double/Triple Buffering and F12.
So only DirectDraw seems affected.

Update : DirectDraw seems to work again with F12 after i turned off "Anti Aliasing Mode : Override any application setting 4x" in my nvidia control panel.

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