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┬žane 22 June 2002 19:31

Welcome to the WinUAE - Kaillera Forums
Here you are free to discuss anything Kaillera related, organize and talk about online games with other members, share configurations, even advertise your own dedicated Amiga servers so others can join in and host games.

For more information visit the new home of WinUAE - Kaillera.

Drake1009 23 June 2002 11:26

You'd know he existed if you had visited the IRC channel.

RCK 23 June 2002 13:50

I neveeeeeeeeeeer see s4murai on irc, never :p
badboy :D

Dastardly 21 December 2002 00:59

Sorry for the dumbass question but.....
Where can I find a FAQ about how to setup WinUAE-Kaillera?

RCK 21 December 2002 12:56

(or not ;))

7-Zark-7 21 December 2002 13:47

Just a small question..
Does the current release still require either a mouse or a Joystick for head to head matches? Not knowing much about it in general, I was just noting in the older version's docs there wasn't any allowance for keyboard control, "joystick emulation".

I take it this is because of the messaging system that keyboard joystick emulation had to be cut?

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