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k2uphill 13 February 2007 14:44

Key mapping Problems
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hello Bloodwych ,
im just updated my Classic WB full to the new version v20F, i have come across a Problem that i am having with the keyboard mapping the following key are not available to me in the shell out or text editors , The keys are W,A,S,D & any characters keys link to the "shift" key.

my Workbench Disk used for install Classic WB Full: Worbench3.0 & kickrom 39.106 (race'n'chase)

screen shot locale Prefs:

musashi5150 13 February 2007 14:45

That sounds more like a WinUAE joystick mapping issue to me... but I might well be wrong ;)

k2uphill 13 February 2007 14:59

nope still not working i tuned the Joystick option to none in WinUAE. i'm still getting no luck with the keys in Classic WB Full , i also tryed my amigaSYS setup the key in this box setup work ok . There some Clash going on in somewhere i just cant pin this one down. :-(

musashi5150 13 February 2007 15:08

I'm still going to standby its a controller mapping of somekind (either WinUAE or on your PC). As WSAD is a pretty normal control layout and it's too much of a coincidence to be those keys by chance.

Maybe someone else can help here...?

Paul 13 February 2007 15:52

@k2uphill it says on the wip post on www.winuae.net


WinUAE 1.4.0 WIP #1 (28.01.2007)


Bugs fixed:

- It was not possible to disable keyboard layout C after enabling it.
Maybe this is the problem ???

k2uphill 13 February 2007 15:54

i dont know ? every thing works ok with my AmigaSYS box setup so i know the keyboard working in shell.

i deleted my Emulation Folder on my PC and started from Fresh.
copied WinUAE 1.3.4 and my kickroms to the rom folder & extracted Classic Worbench to WinUAE folder and started a new install of Classic Workbench.

WinUAE Port 1 (mouse) Port 2 (none)

load the defualt config set my Kickrom 39.106O installed Classic Workbench with my own Workbench v3.0 , booting ok, now in a locale Pref setting Country to GB and languages to english. Plus tested Country (United Kingdom).

nope i'm still getting some strange key layout prb.

hmm i dont know i checked my local Prefs settings they are ok
WinUAE Port look Ok too hmm i dont know what going on

k2uphill 13 February 2007 16:00

Sorry Paul This keyboard layout C was not actived im choice i tested with the port 2 layout to none then whent on to test with cursor key and numpad layout

Bloodwych 13 February 2007 16:04

Works fine my end using the supplied config file (no keys mapped by default), but that's with WinUAE 1.2. All characters are fine and the input/locale settings are set to British/UK as default so no need to change.

Really have no idea - certainly not a Workbench issue or anything to do with keymaps, prefs or settings from within the ClassicWB or it wouldn't be working my end.

k2uphill 13 February 2007 16:21

i dont know i allways get an issue with the keyborad Layout with ClassicWB_Full for some reason unkown. May be there confilct WInuae 1.3.4 i dont know, like i said i have a Alternative Box Setup they work fine, may there a confilct with the edtions of WinUAE i'm using , i doe some Probing tonight and test with and older version of WinUAE and the beta version too.

highvista 15 February 2007 05:26

This may be totally unrelated, but I've been trying to change my keymapping to use a US-layout rather than the GB one. If I move the GB mapping to Storage, I can then select the American/US keymap, but I get an error on booting that complains about not finding the GB mapping. FWIW...

Bloodwych 18 February 2007 11:41

highvista - you just need to save the new options (American) in input and locale before moving items out of devs to storage. Just tried it; works fine and changes my Keyboard to the US mapping.

highvista 21 February 2007 04:59

Thanks much for trying that out. I have tried to use the "Input" pref tool to change the mapping. When I select "American" and click either "Use" or "Save", I get a Preferences error message box that says "ERROR: can't load keymap KEYMAPS:". When I go back into the "Input" pref tool, none of the keyboard types are highlighted. If I select "British" again, it will be accepted and "British" will be highlighted. Strange.

I was able to use the "SetKeyboard usa" command in a shell to change the keyboard type for the shell, though.

Bloodwych 21 February 2007 12:17

Very strange and I admit I can't solve it because it works fine at my end.

I did a fresh install of ClassicWB P96 -> went to the input and locale prefs -> changed to American and United States -> saved -> reset -> shell and programs all US layout ("shift + 2" give the "@" sign).

The American keymap is the default for the Amiga anyway - ie it's built into the machine, which is why the "gb" keymap is required in the devs directory in order to override the American one.

If you simply delete the "locale.prefs" and "input.prefs" files from the "prefs/envarc/sys" directory you will get the American layout by default, so try that.

highvista 28 February 2007 03:44

Thanks for the suggestion. Deleting those .prefs files does give me the American keyboard. And I learned something new. :)

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