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Brendan 01 May 2001 23:02

playing amiga on pc
So how exactly do i play amiga games on pc?

RCK 02 May 2001 10:12

First Read the How to and FAQ from commodore-ALE, then you should ask questions about emulation in the > Problems section :)

at least, you need
- one emulator
- one kickstart
- some Amige Disk Files
- one powerful pc ;)

d4 r4l3urz 03 May 2001 17:38

Hey dude, you wrote "one powerful pc" => is that so necessary ?

Khephren 03 May 2001 20:01

Depends if you want a smooth working Emulated Amiga or a piss poor jerky emulated Amiga.

On my Pentium 3 850, I run at 53 fps with full stereo sound, on my old Pentium 3 266 I ran at 50 fps with no sound.

I think the fact that a processor APPARENTLY so fast does a poor job of emulating an Amiga says a lot for the creators of the Amiga hardware.

If you have less that a Pentium 2 then you may as well not bother if you ask me :)

Mr_Maldini 18 February 2007 21:04

:help ..so,i have downloaded the kickstart roms...where am i supposed to fit these? btw..i have the WINUAE1340 emulator.

when i have made them in Paths, system ROMs; a window will appear saying that no supported system roms detected...how come?

pjhutch 18 February 2007 21:15

The rom files should end with .rom and placed in the folder which matches the ROMs Path, by default its:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Amiga Files\System\rom\
or you can place it in a path of your your and select it on the ROMs tab using the file select (...)

There are some roms not supported, what roms do you have?

DamienD 18 February 2007 21:16


Originally Posted by pjhutch
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Amiga Files\System\rom\

Only if you are using Amiga Forever I believe ;)

RCK 18 February 2007 22:38


Originally Posted by RCK
at least, you need
- one emulator
- one kickstart
- some Amige Disk Files
- one powerful pc ;)

guys, you exhume one 2001 thread ! :p

Paul 19 February 2007 11:40


Mr_Maldini 19 February 2007 14:52

yeah! 10x a lot guys! i managed to start it right! ;)

...can i have a little bit more help from you?

ehm...can you please give me a site (or two..hehe), where there are a lot of 'games'.adf files please?..all i encountered were demos... :crazy

i like to download the full games..not the demos..can enyone help me for the last time please... :nervous 10x in return.

Belgarath 19 February 2007 14:54

You should read the FAQ specifically http://wiki.abime.net/amiga:download_adf

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