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comawhite015 29 June 2006 03:52

This one will be tough.

I am trying to find a game for a friend.

The only description he has been able to give me is this:

-Overhead view of a magician as the main character
-Some kind of forested area
-You faffed about gathering 'ingredients' for 'magic potions'
Which you in turn
-used against other magicy people

I am sorry I can't do better. This is a melonscratcher. I have no idea =/

One of you incredibly wise ones can help me, huh ;D

blade002 29 June 2006 08:02

Faery Tale Adventure ?

killergorilla 29 June 2006 08:09

Sounds like Feud to me!


comawhite015 29 June 2006 08:19

I am quoting.

"HOLY F***

So it would seem you are correct, sah!

Thankyou so much =)

killergorilla 29 June 2006 08:23

Well yeah, I know, I am pretty good. :D

I've never actually played the game (other than to test it worked), it's just my bro's gf kept going on about it so it stuck in my memory.

You lucky, lucky person. Nobody on this whole forum would have answered it correctly. NO ONE! :D

Slayer 29 June 2006 08:27


I was going to start with enlightenment :p

comawhite015 29 June 2006 08:36


Now THERE was a beauty that I'd forgotten about and am going to get... nnnnnnnow...

I managed to find Spherical this morning and almost cried. I played for about four hours. tee hee.. The soundtrack is undeniably groovy.

Galaxy 29 June 2006 10:25


Originally Posted by killergorilla
You lucky, lucky person. Nobody on this whole forum would have answered it correctly. NO ONE! :D

I reckon CodyJ would have been in with more than a chance :)

killergorilla 29 June 2006 10:31

he he. :laughing

Yeah I was just messing, if it had have actually been a tough one it's usually CJ who gets em! Lucky this one was easy then eh!

Chuckles 29 June 2006 16:08

Heck, this one was easy enough that even I was going to suggest Feud. You guys are too fast for me though!

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