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paul_r_t 09 January 2005 04:02

Superfog Demo
I would really like to see the Superfrog demo from CU coverdisk 53 given the WHDLoad treatment. My main reason for the request is that the level from demo is different from the final released game.

Superfrog is one of the best platform games ever to grace the Amiga (if not the best). It would be nice to play the demo of this classic with WHDLoad!

Codetapper 09 January 2005 04:57

Upload the coverdisk to the zone and I'll do it...

paul_r_t 09 January 2005 05:23

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Many many thanks Codetapper, just wish I had the knowledge and skill to do it myself. Can't seem to access the zone to upload the demo, it gives me the following message:

paul_r_t, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

I have thus added it to this thread, hope that is OK?

Jim 09 January 2005 05:44


paul_r_t 09 January 2005 05:48

Cheers Jim, I can now access the Zone!

MethodGit 10 January 2005 15:27

I think there were at least three different Superfrog demos, if I recall correctly.

paul_r_t 10 January 2005 18:35

I recall only the CU Amiga one which had CU Amiga on the Superfrog title screen. Can you recall anything about the other two?

Codetapper 18 January 2005 10:22

Superfrog demo WHDLoad now in the zone... I added a trainer for infinite lives aswell since it's quite difficult in places...

I checked around and couldn't find any other versions to support. One website says it was on Amiga Action coverdisk 42 but I checked and it isn't. Enjoy...

paul_r_t 18 January 2005 18:33

Hi Codetapper

Many many thanks for doing WHDLoad install for the Superfrog demo :) I have just been playing it on my Amiga and it works perfectly, I actually played the demo to death when it was on the CU coverdisk and then ran out a bought the full game when it was released, It brings back many happy memories!

killergorilla 19 January 2005 01:34

I knew there was another demo disk...

I managed to find a copy of the Amiga Action coverdisk.

I've put it in the zone, if you could add support for this one too that'd be great.

It's got amiga action branded all over it!


fisken uno 19 January 2005 01:41

lol, Superfog? Sounds like a driving game in harsh weather conditions to me ;D

Codetapper 19 January 2005 12:45

OK I'll add support for this other version soon...

MethodGit 19 January 2005 14:24

Ooops! I forgot all about this thread a while back! Apologies, Paul.

But yeah, there's the Amiga Action coverdisk (which neither of the two coverdisk sites happen to have, thanks a lot, gorilla!), and there's The One's demo (I think it may be based on a less-than-100% version of the game code, from testing it out), which is available for all and sundry to check out from Nth Dimension. (It may also be in TOSEC too but one hasn't checked this so far.)

Not to mention the Amiga CD³² demo that appeared on Arcade Pool! :spin As to whether it also appeared on any magazine cover CD one is unsure.

killergorilla 19 January 2005 14:29

Ah that's right, I remember the demo from the One!

I had that one, not sure if it's different to any level in the original game, someone might like to check that. I'm gonna have a little look now...

I believe there was a superfrog demo on cd32 gamer 4 but I might not be correct on that so someone with access to it might want to check.

MethodGit 19 January 2005 14:33

Hmmmmm, gorilla, just checked out your SF AA disk...... I'm pretty sure the original coverdisk had a demo of Chuck Rock 2 also? - but it doesn't appear to be there! :confused

I do wonder whether any other magazines also covered Superfrog... but the little collection of other coverdisks that do exist are very little.

paul_r_t 19 January 2005 18:35

Just checked out the other two demos of Superfrog from Amiga Action and The One and was quite surprised that they were all totally different. Not only are the levels different in each game (the Ancient Pyramid in Amiga Action, and the Enchanted Forest in The One), they all have different title screens.

There were also notable differences from the final game, in The One demo there is a hot air balloon that carries Superfrog up the screen and also at the start of the demo there is a Sun graphic, neither of these appeared in the final game!

In the case of the Amiga Action demo when Superfrog picks up lucozade a sampled voice shouts out 'Superfrog', in fact this is the same sample from the original game intro by Eric Schwartz. There is also over the top advertising for Lucozade and Amiga Action throughtout the demo. The sampled voice never appeared in the game itself when it was released (maybe it was memory constraints)!

If these two other demos are added to the install then Codetapper will be an absolute god :bowdown

Codetapper 19 January 2005 20:55

OK I will add support for the Amiga Action disk and The One disk (shown at the top here):


Hopefully that will do!

Codetapper 22 January 2005 00:02

OK support for the 3 versions of Superfrog is now done - just one thing to tidy up - can someone please confirm what disk the Amiga Action version was on? According to one website it was AA issue 42 disk number 1. Yet on the Amiga Coverdisks site, issue 42 does not contain Superfrog. I suspect the game came out around March 1993, so the issue would be something around the 53-55 mark.

This is only for the readme, but it must be correct so I can't release it until it's confirmed! Cheers guys!

paul_r_t 22 January 2005 03:04

Hi Codetapper

After a prolonged search on the internet I have not tracked down the Amiga Action issue the demo appeared. There was a large review of Superfrog in issue 45 with Superfrog taking up most of the front cover, so the demo must have appeared around that time.

I have ruled out the following:

Issue 42 (which is in fact Team 17's Body Blows)
Issue 45
Issue 46
Issue 47
Issue 48
Issue 50
Issue 52

Sorry I could not be of more help. It may be left down to someone who actually has copies of these magazines because it appears nowhere on the internet (as far as I can see anyway)!

Twistin'Ghost 22 January 2005 11:20

Is this the one?


Originally Posted by My Collection
COVERDISK 53 - Superfrog demo/Chuck Rock II demo
COVERDISK 54 - Dizzy demo/Sink or Swim demo
COVERDISK 55 - Super Cauldron demo/Deluxe Pacman

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