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Seiya 02 December 2017 19:19

AmigaApps Gamebase New version
i upload again this release in final edition completed with alls fixes.

AmigaApps 2.0 link

Update MDB

Estrayk 02 December 2017 21:00

Thanks Seiya, downloading...

Seiya 07 December 2017 22:20

https://thumb.ibb.co/e4F2Fo/Cattura.png https://thumb.ibb.co/d2k2Fo/create.png https://thumb.ibb.co/fFKwao/final.png https://thumb.ibb.co/iVmbao/hisoft.png

Seiya 11 January 2018 00:24

In this moment i'm preparing a new release to put online with new version, already fixed and patched!
Very soon today.

Seiya 25 May 2018 12:43

Done. New link for 2.0 version of AmigaApps is again online.

dalek 25 May 2018 14:56

Your link is an edit link but this one works: http://gb64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&p=25413


Seiya 25 May 2018 20:39

ok, thank, i correct the link

Seiya 26 May 2018 15:07

When you finish to download it, you have download a fix to MDB. in first post you find link for this fix.

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