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jobro 29 November 2005 04:52

AmiBlitz causing havoc
So I've succesfully installed AmiBlitz to my hddir, but when I launch the PED the program flungs a "Suspend / Reboot" dialog in my face and nothing more happens. What should I do?

BippyM 29 November 2005 11:26

Try launching AmiBlitz and not PED.

Amiblitz will launch PED itself.

A couple questions:

Are you using my Install?
What WB Ver?
Get snoopdos off aminet and it'll tell ya if anything is missing etc..

jobro 29 November 2005 20:55

K, attempt 1: I used your install with a kickstart 1.3 + harddisk with workbench 1.3.

Attempt 2: I used your install with a ks 3.0 + a hd with wb3.0.

mrodfr 29 November 2005 20:57

amiblitz must be launched, not ped.

BTW, have you got a coprocessor on your amiga ???

BippyM 29 November 2005 21:19


Originally Posted by jobro
K, attempt 1: I used your install with a kickstart 1.3 + harddisk with workbench 1.3.

Attempt 2: I used your install with a ks 3.0 + a hd with wb3.0.

I doubt it would work on K1.3 :O

Here is a screenshot of it working on my WinUAE setup!


It also worked on my Kick 3.0 A1200

jobro 29 November 2005 22:43

1 Attachment(s)
Coprocessor memorized until next attempt.

So I finally got this shit working :D :D

Now it wants me to set a screen to 8 colors, but I can't click in the PED prefs on the screenmode button since it's disabled. Trying to alter screenmode with workbench prefs instead and I get this msg (see pic).

Now I suppose this can be solved with an Assign right?

Now how would I do that assign properly?

BippyM 29 November 2005 23:18

Install workbench properly.

jobro 30 November 2005 00:03

Well I've tried to do that but the ENV buggs me through the entire install process!!

It says: Insert disk ENV in any drive.

I've got 7 workbench disks, none labeled ENV.

And I'm installing it on WinUAE.

RetroMan 30 November 2005 00:28

ENV will be installed when the WB is installed correctly, as bippym allready stated ;)

Just put in the install disk and boot from there, start the install process and everything should be fine :D

Btw. WB got six Disks : Install, Workbench, Storage, Fonts, Locale and Extras ;)

mrodfr 30 November 2005 13:34


the first time you choose a screenmode for the WB and save, the screenmode.prefs file is saved.

Hungry Horace 03 December 2005 02:42

err i have also keep getting the same suspend / reboot dialog.:banghead

what settings do i need to put UAE on to get it running ok? (i really dont want to have to sit and experiment until it works) i had a copy of Blitz 2.1 working fine... but it was missing pleanty of files (all the Extras stuff)

also can anyone recommend ay guides for making stuff with Blitz? I am new to it, but i used to play around with AMOS a lot so i picked Bltiz for its similarites. There was a great AMOS game-making guide Amiga Format did once (Ulitmate Amos) is there anything like this around? the only links to guides i could find didnt seem to work :(

thanks for any help u can give me. your reward will be in watching me build another dodgy PD amiga game. :D (but with great music! - modest aint i?)

BippyM 03 December 2005 05:18

Checkout the blitz 2000 site.. loads of examples etc..


Hungry Horace 03 December 2005 17:47

er, that was the one i tried. none of the guides etc seem to work. The Lha downloads arent there, the programming section isnt complete, and the links largely lead to incomplete tutorials :( tho i shall still keep trawling through them anyway.

BippyM 03 December 2005 23:27

Ahhhh right.. was okay last time I used it..

There is loads of stuff in the archive I uploaded, loads of examples, libs, docs, etc.. (I think!)

edit: also check out aminet.. there is a shed load of stuff on there.. Download the old blitzlist archives as there is literally tonnes of help in them :D

Hungry Horace 05 December 2005 19:31

thanks bippy. i'll have a gander at that. still havent had the time to work out some useable UAE settings for it tho. (serves me right for useing time remixing amiga mods)

Hungry Horace 07 December 2005 16:02

ahhh yes. Wizard.library. never heard of it, but apparently AmiBlitz needs it in order to not crash!

BippyM 07 December 2005 17:50

do you have the library?

added wizard library zip to zone

Hungry Horace 07 December 2005 18:18

i do now thanks to Aminet, although i have no idea which the latest version would be. I'll check it against the one that i have seen has been posted in the zone today tho.! :great

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