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Reynolds 18 November 2008 20:02

Amiga 4000 hw resurrection workshop
Hi All,

I need some suggestions what to modify on my A4000.
Currently what I have:
CSPPC 240 / 060@50 MHz, 128 MB ram;
HD Floppy drive
4.3GB WDigital UWSCSI HDD;
30 GB Maxtor IDE HDD;
Pioneer DVDRW;
Arxon scandoubler;
some additional basic things like orig keyb and mouse;
Micronik tower with lots of space :cool

IDE2SATA converter
IDE2CF converter
Powerflyer / FastATA
KickFlash board

but overall to have a config which can operates with my OS3.9 and OS4 environment flawlessly and possibly massive noise level reduction. I also would like to minimize the nr cold/warm resets.

Any suggestions, recommendations?

ThX at all,


alexh 19 November 2008 00:14

How about just getting a Deneb?

It would be cheaper, as fast and offer more flexible options for other addons than what you've suggested.

Deneb has Kickflash equivalent built in
It's Zorro III and probably as fast as a PowerFlyer/FastATA with a cheap USB2SATA adapter
You can use ultracheap USBKey to transfer data instead of a CF card

With Poseidon in Flash you can boot from the SATA hard drive (although deneb would never be as fast as SCSI on the CSPPC!)

To lower the noise I would consider ditching both your current hard drives, getting an IDE->UltraSCSI AEC-7720UW adapter from ACard (you can get them for about $40 on ebay) and using a cheap 5400RPM 120Gig PATA hard drive at upto 40MB/s with the CSPPC SCSI

You need to make sure you dont have your DVDRW connected via CSPPC SCSI or it will kill your transfer rates. Use the onboard IDE instead.

Reynolds 19 November 2008 17:21

Okay, but I would like to use CF for transfer between the machine and my A1200 too and cost saving is a keypoint. (U know, theres a crisis out there.)

So currently I have two internally mountable CF slots which can be connected to the IDE, have a buffered IDE adaptor, have PCMCIA CF adaptor.

and the DVDRW has no connection to the CSPPC SCSI, it is a simple IDE device already connected to the mobo. Works lovely with AmiDVD (OS4), slow as hell, but who cares? :)

This HDD change will be the first. I'm thinking on to check if I can use SATA with IDE2SATA converter as sooner or later I think I have to step forward and have to prepare the machine to be "SATA ready" :)

alexh 19 November 2008 17:28

I would recommend SATA->PATA (IDE)->UWSCSI if you go that route.

I design SATA hard drives for a living and I wouldnt get one for an Amiga. You can still buy PATA all the way upto 1.5TB so why choose an interface where you'll need ANOTHER adapter?

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