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Turran 02 June 2013 14:50

Another month, another update.

This time, its an update to last months 1.0 package. You should remove the old games that have been updated before unpacking this to ensure that you dont get any old files remaining, but I guess you could just overwrite as well.

The complete 1.1 package is being uploaded as well for those that want the full package again. See first post for URL to my web if you want to start downloading before its finished to EAB file server.


Once again thanks to the people who make this possible!

Sid1968 25 June 2013 20:44


Originally Posted by Turran (Post 880109)
The only ones I've stripped are non English games. Some non English games are still there if there is no English version.

Hello Turran,
thank you for your great work. Is it possible that you supply the german versions too?

Kind Regards

Turran 27 June 2013 12:16

Probably not since I mostly do this pack for myself and do not understand german =)

But it can't be that many, can it? You can always get them from RetroPlay on the EAB FTP.

Sid1968 27 June 2013 22:25

Ok. Good news. No prob.... :crying

Turran 28 September 2013 15:20

The 1.2 pack was just uploaded with Retroplay's updates up until today. Also a lot more demos. Noticed I had missed a lot.

I moved then from the old location to /Commodore_Amiga/WHDLoad_Packs


hansel75 28 September 2013 17:38

Awesome work Turran, it saves a lot of people the trouble of gathering everything together themselves.

Much appreciated as always!

mfilos 28 September 2013 20:52

AWESOME as always Turran mate!
Thanks tons for your work :) \o/

Specksynder 07 October 2013 12:06

Great :great
Thank you! :)

Methanoid 08 October 2013 11:20

Ditto... thanks!!

majsta 11 November 2013 17:19

Is it possible to split that Games_WHDLoad_1.2.rar archive into at least two since I can't download it. I m trying for last few days but I can't pass over 1.3GB.

Turran 11 November 2013 20:05

I'll just pack the rar again, splitting it into two. Putting it in the Temp folder. Next versions I'll split in two a bit more nicely.

marrriooo 26 November 2013 23:24

i don't know what is wrong but i try to download Games_WHDLoad_1.2 pack and every time unpack fail

Turran 28 November 2013 18:42

I just uploaded the 1.3 packs with all updates up to today. I split the archives up into 200MB segments because of people having problems downloading the full 1.7GB games archive.

If you already have 1.2, please just get the 1.2 to 1.3 update. You do not need the whole package again.

I moved them into their own folder since it got cluttered otherwise.

Also, I will store the whole packages unpacked in the "Unpacked" folder. Do not get this package if you need the whole thing as it will take a lot longer to download. This is meant for those that want to download just a few specific games. If you have a networked Amiga with a FTP client, you can even download them right onto your Amiga.

If someone wants to create a little program for the amiga that will FTP into the Unpacked folder and show a list so you can just select the games you want and it will download them, that would be awesome.

Thanks Retroplay and all the WHDload slave coders for their hard work!

Specksynder 01 December 2013 11:21

Thank you! :bowdown

hansel75 01 December 2013 13:34

Nice work and thanks Turran!

4pLaY 22 December 2013 19:16

Good work, thanx for doing this, saved me quite some time =).

Turran 06 January 2014 17:28

I found that there was a lot of missing games and/or info files in the 1.* versions. Not sure when it started but I must have messed up somewhere. Especially the Games_WHDLoad/C folder.

So for 2.0, I remade the entire package from killergorilla all the way up to RetroPlays latest uploads. I also included all the different language versions this time around and moved the CDTV games into the normal Games_WHDLoad instead of the AGA package. This was because the old 1.4 version broke the 4GB barrier anyway, so you'd have to select which games to copy anyway if you only have a 4GB CF which is most common...

So this time, there are no update packages. I did not redo the Demos_WHDLoad from scratch since that seems fine, but I named the update 2.0 instead of 1.5 anyway so they all match. The 2.0 package has all the updates from 1.4 to 2.0 included as well.

I recommend you download the whole thing again =( Sorry about that.

I also made a Games_WHDLoad_UnpackOnAmiga folder on the FTP. They contain the few games that can not be extracted on a PC (contains non-allowed filenames). If you want them, you have to download them as is and unpack it directly on the amiga. All other games can be stored on the PC.
Emerald Mines can be stored on PC too. Its just so big (over 50.000 files) that I opted to not include it in the main package.

Putty Squad is not included in this package. You should download that from here: http://www.system3.com/promotional-d...ttysquadamiga/

1time 06 January 2014 18:36

Thanks Turran.

mfilos 06 January 2014 19:21

Thanks for this hard work man! We really appreciate it \o/

mfilos 07 January 2014 15:15

Btw just for reference I have the following remarks:
- ChaosStrikesBack --> .info file exist but no directory (just delete it)
- Vindicators --> Exists both under letter V and W (just delete it from letter W)

The "Unpack on Amiga" files were successfully extracted on the Amiga (even EmeraldMinesCD) using PFS3AIO filesystem.

Thanks once more for your work Turran :)

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