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Turran 13 June 2016 14:30

I dont, but you're free to do what you want with the pack =)

TEOL 18 June 2016 11:51


Originally Posted by Turran (Post 1095393)
I don't quite understand what you mean =)

Retroplay Games and Demos WHDLoad Jan 2016 - June 2016 is now out so we require a 2.6 update pack.

Also 2 completely new sections are out in the June update Beta and Magazines.

Turran 19 June 2016 09:51

Where are those updates you are talking about coming out? Are there other packs?
We've had betas and magazines on the FTP for a loooong time. I just never bothered with them.

TEOL 20 June 2016 13:48

Yeah, March aka 03 and June aka 06 of 2016 have indeed been added by Retroplay on the EAB File Server.

Enverex 20 June 2016 16:26

I noticed this a while ago and assumed it was something I did silly but I've noticed they are wonky in the archives.

Hired Guns contains characters with broken characters:

1993-09-23 12:24:42 ....A        3390        1039  Games_WHDLoad/H/HiredGuns1MB/game/Convert/Espa±ol
1993-09-23 12:24:48 ....A        2891        1539  Games_WHDLoad/H/HiredGuns1MB/game/Convert/Espa±ol.info
1993-09-23 12:24:42 ....A        2891        1538  Games_WHDLoad/H/HiredGuns1MB/game/Convert/Franþais.info
1993-09-23 12:24:46 ....A        3452        1030  Games_WHDLoad/H/HiredGuns1MB/game/Convert/Franþais

(that's the files as they are in the .rar files, without extracting them).

Were they mangled on an Amiga or has packaging in RAR files done this?

Retroplay 20 June 2016 16:52

As always, unpack on Amiga side to avoid these errors.

Enverex 20 June 2016 16:59

Not sure how that would help, as I said, that's the name of the file within the archive (on your FTP) not on my filesystem.

Unless it just looks broken in the archive and somehow magically translates correctly when extracted on an Amiga?

Retroplay 20 June 2016 17:51

It's packed on Amiga (ClassicWB.hdf + WinUAE), none of the preinstalled archives I upload to ftp has been near Windows filesystems.
When viewed in 7z or WinRAR on Windows it will show these kinds of illegal characters in some games because of filesystem differences.
As I said, download the archives but make sure to extract on Amiga side.
Here's the content of the zip viewed in Dopus under emulation.
Everything looks fine.

Enverex 20 June 2016 18:03

I'm looking at these files via 7z on Linux, so it's still not going anywhere near a Windows system.

Maybe that's how the files are supposed to look this side and they simply translate differently on the Amiga side.

Filesystem differences shouldn't come into play until the files are extracted though, because if you're just looking at the archive, it won't have had to extract them to the filesystem yet...

Retroplay 20 June 2016 20:21

Krusader (file manager ala Total Commander) seems to view the contents fine on Linux, but once extracted the files goes fubar:
Screenshot, Mint 17.3 KDE setup.

Enverex 20 June 2016 22:38

That's weird, I just installed Krusader just to double check and I'm getting the same behaviour as in 7zip and Unrar - http://i.imgur.com/Wz1tT1Z.png

I did however notice that your picture is of a Zip of HiredGuns specifically, where as I'm looking at the RAR files on the FTP.

Retroplay 20 June 2016 23:12

Get Killergorillas preinstalled game from whdownload and see if that works.
Neither Killergorilla or me use RAR for packing WHD games.

Enverex 20 June 2016 23:29

That works fine even on Windows - http://i.imgur.com/XTiA3vl.png

Unfortunately the FTP where the entire collections are distributed (i.e. this thread) are all in RAR format (which I did think was odd...).

Does Turran know there's issues? Actually I'm having Deja-vous, I'm almost certain I've mentioned this months/years ago in this thread already when I ran into Hired Guns not working in FS-UAE because of this.

Do you guys have an easy way to grab them all? (as in your good copies) Looks like my entire collection is at risk of being dodgy. Found your own thread now, grabbing them from the site then the FTP for the newer ones.

Retroplay 21 June 2016 13:24

If you grab from my shared folder you don't have to grab anything from ftp.
Everything is kept up to date there.

Enverex 21 June 2016 14:02

Ah, I went the long route as you have a note on your post saying that the Cloud Drive / Folder may be missing some. I've got them all now anyway, thanks. Now to start the arduous process of removing duplicates and renaming every individual one by hand :(

Turran 22 June 2016 14:01

I was not aware there was problems, no. The only ones I've noticed problems storing on windows (well, Linux in my case) are all in the Games_WHDLoad_UnpackOnAmiga folder.
If there are problems with specific games, it has nothing to do with RetroPlay anyway since I repackage his games in my sets, so while his files never touched a PC, the packs that this thread contains certainly has and those games would need to be moved into the Games_WHDLoad_UnpackOnAmiga folder as well.

Enverex 22 June 2016 14:27

These are corrupt in the RAR archives themselves, so the OS of the user downloading it now won't matter here.

Looks like whoever repackaged them did so on Windows which is why they've ended up with the broken names so they'll need to be re-done from the originals.

The games I've noticed with broken names so far are Hired Guns and Sid Meier's Colonization.

But yeah, RetroPlay's are fine, I replaced them all with those and those are ok.

Turran 23 June 2016 17:55


Originally Posted by Enverex (Post 1097434)
Looks like whoever repackaged them did so on Windows which is why they've ended up with the broken names so they'll need to be re-done from the originals.

That would be me then =) I'll see what I can do. Where did you find Hired Guns and Colonization from RetroPlay though? I can only find the KillerGorilla version of those.. (Edit: Found them on his Mega storage. Its the same as KillerGorillas so its fine).

Edit: Changes for update pack 2.6 (not out yet)
Hired guns moved to Games_WHDLoad_UnpackOnAmiga (HiredGuns_v1.0_1MB_1114.zip and HiredGuns_v1.0_512KB_1114.zip) (Espa±ol file). Zip is the original extension for those two. Not touched.
Colonization. Not sure what happened to these files. Extract just fine when testing now so just adding a new (old) version to the normal 2.6 update (Normal and AGA versions).

Thanks =) I'll see if I can run a search for non A-Z 0-9 chars in the fully unpacked set to find more.

Update: Does not seem to be a lot. I've found these in WHDLoad_Games:

Remove FussballTotalDe                (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get FussballTotal_v1.1_De_2135.lha and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove FastLane                        (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get FastLane_v1.0.lha and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove FlipFlop                        (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get FlipFlop_v1.0.zip and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove MightAndMagic3De                (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get MightAndMagic3_v1.2_De.lha and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove OsWALDOfTheIceFloes        (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get OsWALDOfTheIceFloes_v1.0.zip and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove PizzaConnectionDe        (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get PizzaConnection_v1.0_De.lha and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove SimLife                        (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get SimLife_v1.0_2585.zip and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove SimLifeDE                (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get SimLife_v1.0_De_0576.zip and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove TransworldDe                (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get Transworld_v1.0_De_2837.lha and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove TrivialPursuit                (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get TrivialPursuit_v1.2.zip and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove TrivialPursuitDe                (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get TrivialPursuit_v1.2_De_0595.zip and unpack on real Amiga.)
Remove TrivialPursuitFr                (Filenames corrupt in Windows. Get TrivialPursuit_v1.2_Fr_2147.zip and unpack on real Amiga.)

Remove R³sselsheim                (Delete this if you still have it unpacked. Replaced by Ruesselheim in Update 2.5)

Starting with Games_WHDLoad_AGA now.

Final edit: Did not find any in AGA or in Demos. I'll update the Games_WHDLoad_UnpackOnAmiga folder on the FTP for now.

TuKo 12 August 2016 14:15


Any chance for a 2.6 update soon ? those packs are too good and addictive :)

AndersHP 15 August 2016 10:08

Sorry if this is both an ungrateful and ignorant post, but I'm only checking in to the server every once in a blue moon, and since my games catalogue on my Amiga is 99% running, I'm only looking for a couple of specific games, do I really have to download XX Gigs of games to find one or two games?

I'm not really getting the structure of the file server, I think I used to go into a Games folder and could always find everything I looked for.. I can see that WHDLoad are making updates all the time, but cannot really find the place to get them...

Edit: To be more specific, I cannot find SWIV this time around. My previous version doesn't work.

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