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amigakit.com 07 September 2019 14:02

Amiga Kit Acquires AK-Datatypes
Cardiff, 7th September, 2019

AmigaKit Ltd is pleased to confirm that it has concluded an agreement with Andreas Kleinert to acquire the “AK-Datatypes” package.

AK-Datatypes is a collection of graphics datatype software for the Commodore-Amiga computer covering formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG and TIFF.

Commodore included a narrow scope of image format datatypes within the operating system software as standard. Users demanded greater levels of compatibility with modern image formats and third party developers such as Andreas met that request. He first published the datatype package in 1996 and due to it's popularity it continued to be developed and upgraded for over a decade after release.

Each datatype is supplied with it's own Preferences utility to configure the image rendering settings. They were also supplied with CPU optimised versions from the 68000 through to the 68060.

Amiga Kit is pleased to commit to maintaining and developing software in-house. With this acquisition development of the datatypes will be now continue. It is planned that updated versions will be supplied as a separate software package for a nominal fee and additionally bundled with selected products.

Matthew Leaman, Managing Director of AmigaKit Ltd said: “We are delighted to add AK-Datatypes to our software inventory and invest in continued development of the package. It will benefit and enhance both our present and future software projects that we are working on.”

Andreas Kleinert said: “I was very excited when Matthew approached me and described his vision with regards to further support the Amiga platform. The agreement which we concluded makes me confident that he and his team will be able successfully continue from where I had to stop due general lack of time and ability to further commit to the platform on my own."


spudje 08 September 2019 00:51

Mmm, puzzles me. A previous sets of acquisitions were made in name of AEON (Of which we're still to see the results), now in name of AmigaKit, while they're closely related...

Minuous 08 September 2019 02:58

Well, maybe this will be part of the long-ago-announced OS3 Enhancer Software, since OS4.1FE already has good datatypes. But come to think of it, so do 3.9 etc.

Like you say, they tend to randomly buy rights and then as often as not do nothing while the value of the software continues to decline. Eg. OctaMED et al.

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