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Arnie 02 April 2019 01:15

64bit WinUAE
I've replaced my laptop for a 64bit one.

Installed WinUAE 4.1.0. Everything OK so far.

I use a set of custom icons for the different disk formats.

Everything Installed O.K.

Double clicking on a disk and choosing WinUAE to open it works fine.
Highlighting the disk and choosing 'open with WinUAE' works fine.

It's only when I choose to make WinUAE the default app for opening the disk that things become weird.

When the disk launches, whether the disk uses my custom Icons or the default WinUae Icons, the icon changes to a tick (icon -123 I believe).

I then can't get the default icons or my custom Icons back!

Anyone (Toni) know how to fix this :confused

Toni Wilen 04 April 2019 17:50

More information please.

"disk launches"? Which icon changes? Icon shown in task bar? Window title bar? Icon mapped to "disk"'s extension? All of them?

Arnie 04 April 2019 21:32

1 Attachment(s)
Hi Toni,

Well it's a strange one. I'm leaning towards a Win 10 problem as it also happens running the 32 bit WinUAE in Windows 10 64 bit.

Any way here is a sceen shot of what I mean. I hope it makes things clearer. I'ts hard to explain in words.

onkelarie 05 April 2019 09:05

Seems pretty normal behaviour for windows. When you assign a preferred application to open files with, the file icons adopt the application's icon to indicate visually which application wil open the file. Just for the fun of it, try assigning VLC player or Winamp to it. The file icons will almost surely change to respectively a road coan icon or winamp media icon of some sort.

mcbpete 05 April 2019 12:11

Yeah that's always been the same for me too - The associated program will be the icon for that specific file type. You can change it via the registry if you're confident doing that sort of thing (Option two in the guide here, it's a guide for Windows 7 but should work with any version of Windows post Win95) : https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorial...ault-icon.html )

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