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Retroplay 31 July 2015 18:51

World of Noise #1 by Digitech, Knight Hawks & Italian Bad Boys 100% disk image
It seems the dumps available at pouet & exotica etc, all miss tune H by Sinners.

Is there a complete dump of this music disk ?

s2325 31 July 2015 18:53

There is some fix on EAB server /Commodore_Amiga/TOSEC Updates/TOSEC Release (v2014-02-28) updates/files/fix_Commodore Amiga - Demos - Music (TOSEC-v2014-02-06)/World of Noise 1 (1988-11-06)(Knight Hawks - Digital Technology

Retroplay 31 July 2015 18:56

Tune H is missing in the TOSEC dump too unfortunately. :(

s2325 31 July 2015 20:29

Is it DOS disk? Maybe tune file is on disk but with wrong name as some menu coder made a typo.

Retroplay 31 July 2015 20:44

Yes, it's a DOS disk.
Demo should have 14 tunes, but there's only 13 in tunes dir on all the dumps available.

s2325 31 July 2015 20:57

Is there some text file on disk with list of tunes or some info in scroll text? Maybe tune is available somewhere and you can just copy it on this disk.

Mark Wright 01 August 2015 04:03

I'm going to take a punt and suggest the missing song is probably this one:


That's the MOD that was most famously used on a Sinners intro around that time. But who can say? Maybe the disk was released that way - it wouldn't be on its own among the many broken scene productions shoved out in an excited hurry :-)

By the way, that MOD was always attributed to Jochen Hippel (aka Mad Max on the Atari ST scene) but I doubt he would sully himself with the likes of Soundtracker. I've always thought of it as more of a late-period SLL kinda thing. Again, who knows! ;-)

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