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Dr. Dude 30 July 2004 21:44

Getting clasic wb zip on hd
I have a prob. I am "trying"to install Classic WB adv

I can get the install disk made, no prob
but the 22 mb zip gives a prob. I am transfuring is whit Amiga explorer.
i tryed it 3 times, and it stop when its half way. Like its done :nuts

Evry time i try to upload to my migy, it will take a hour. :banghead
I can't seem to push up the speed as i get errors from AE that it can't find it :crying

Now can i unzip the file first on my pc, and then place the files 1 by 1 on my Amiga? And Then run the install.

Paul 30 July 2004 22:05

Just an idea...how about using Splitz and Joinz?

Akira 30 July 2004 22:11

I dont think that's safe to do, you may corrupt many things if you do that.

thomas 31 July 2004 00:43

Transferring 22MB through serial cable ? Wow, you must be a very patient person. You should rather use ethernet.

Or connect the Amiga hdd to the PC, install it with WinUAE and then put the HDD back into the Amiga.

Or write the archive to CD-R and read the CD on the Amiga.

Dr. Dude 31 July 2004 08:11

The :bash pc :bash won't take the hdd
and i have no cd-rom on my amiga

I have installed Clasic wb in winuae first, in a folder. (needed to kill those uae files after, thay are so anoing :blased )

And now i am busy whit transfuring the files, file by file :sleep
the whole 50 Mb :shocked

Bloodwych 31 July 2004 15:32

I used to transfer the file over via parallel (PC2Ami) and it wasn't that bad. Leave it for 3 hours or so come back and its done. Hopefully once I get the ethernet setup it'll be sweet.

Dr Dude, your problem:

Not sure why serial is kicking you out half way through. :confused

I've used chunker from aminet, I'd imagine it's very similar to splitz/Joinz that Paul posted, and transferred the file over via floppy in the very distant past. Lots of disk swaps but it proved that the dechunk/chunk program works and keeps file integrity.

Use it to split the file in 4 and rejoin Amiga side. Chunker does seem slow re-joining on the Amiga side. Not sure if you can add buffers to speed the process up.

Dr. Dude 31 July 2004 15:39

Well i am 1 step closer to happynis.
All files are on its place, and its running.
Now i am only messing around whit the screen, but thats easy fixxed.

BTW, any one knows a blueprint for a flikker fixer? :)

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