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dido 09 July 2002 00:52

Evil's Doom problem.
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I've played Evil's Doom for a long time, but now I can't go on,
can anyone help me? With my party I'm in the 4th underwater
level under Belcoon lake (after being in Castle Mithyl), in
this level I have defeated all sharks and I've found a strange
mechanism behind a wall. The mechanism was broken but I fixed
it with a rope. I've tried to switch on the 2 buttons in the
central room of the level, but nothing appened. What can I
do now?

I'm playing the cracked version of this beautiful game, someone
told me that the game has 2 copy-protection, so this could
be the second. Maybe. Maybe anyone can crack my copy of this
game for the second time. Can anyone help me?

I post a little map of the level, It could help a bit.

haynor666 02 September 2002 12:57

It's working
Mine crack is bad... could you upload this one for me ?

dido 02 September 2002 13:29

Hi Haynor,

Do you want me to upload my version of Evil's Doom? The complete
game or only the executable (cracked) file? But can you crack it
for me or what? I'm also searching for the complete spell-map,
have you got it?

haynor666 02 September 2002 13:34

full because mine has bad files (thrash on Legions of Doom)

dido 02 September 2002 13:45


later I'm going to upload it for you. I also upload my
save-game, maybe can help you, if you can solve it completely,
please tell me all!!!


^scrye^ 02 September 2002 19:25

@dido: Is this what are you looking for?

Evil's Doom spell map:

-ingame dungeon keys:

SPACE - change hi/low resolution
M - look at magic map (if cast)
R - rest party
V - version/party treasure
L - load game
S - save game
<- - scroll text up
F - toggle torch flickering on/off
HELP - examine picked item
F5 - toggle music / SFX quality

-numeric keyboard:

1,2,3 - cast stored spells
4 - move left
5 - move back
6 - move right
7 - turn left
8 - move forvard
9 - turn right

- casting spells: see file runecasting.iff

ATRA L1 -Fire domain: Earth
SCON L3 -Dirt domain: Earth
ASTON L2 -Sky domain: Earth
SETA L3 -Water domain: Earth
EVA L3 -Material domain: Life
VIA L4 -Nonmaterial domain: Undead
SET L2 -Soul domain: Life
ARC L2 -Flesh domain: Life
ARS L2 -Thought(man) domain: Entity
ZULU L3 -Beast domain: Entity
KARR L5 -God domain: Entity
OTRA L4 -Demon domain: Entity
ETRA L2 -Creation domain: Power
ROAS L1 -Destruction domain: Power
ATUS L4 -Chaos domain: Power
EXTRIS L5 -Cosmos domain: Power

dido 04 September 2002 01:22

Hi Scrye,

Sorry, this is not the complete spell-map. I've tried to make
other spells which are not listed, and I've found two or three
other spells. So I think there a complete spell-map somewhere...
Do You have anything else about Evil's Doom? Have you solved it?
I'm desperated... Tell me all you know, please...

^scrye^ 04 September 2002 19:31

@dido: I'm sorry, I don't have anything special about this game nor played it too long :(
I have been just curious to see how it looks like and must say it's worth playing. Nice example of game not originate from any *big* developer which blast you down :)
If I spare some time I'm ready to play and finish it maybe ;)

Anyway I found some pic which describe (maybe there's your problem too) some tricky part, it may help you.

Tricky part:

Yeah man as I can see it must be definitely your problem!!! (the map is almost identical)

dido 06 September 2002 00:57

Scrye, you're GREAT!

Thank you very much for the image that you posted, I have been
able to solve my problem and now I can go ahead, I wish to
complete this game once for all... But could you send me all
tricky-images you have? Maybe some of them can help me in the
future... Send me at didoxx78@interfree.it, or upload them in
THE ZONE. Thank you.

Uukrul 07 September 2002 01:29

Re: Mmmh...

Originally posted by dido
I've tried to make other spells which are not listed, and I've found two or three other spells.
Can you post the list of the spells you've found, please ?

^scrye^ 07 September 2002 12:46

@dido: I'm glad to help you :) but there are no other images in my possession (I've posted everything I had) :(

Dido what about making maps from all locations you walked through and typed new spells you found. I think it will help most of us in the future?

I keep you fingers crossed in playing ED :)

dido 12 September 2002 00:47

I'm still here...
Hi there,

Excuse me but I couldn't answer you, I'm studying so I haven't
so much time now... I can send you the first 10 maps of Evil's
doom, with them you can finish the first part of the game, the
Castle of lost legion's dungeons. I'm going to upload them
immediatly. Mail me if you like and if you need some help.
When I could draw the others maps, I will tell you in this
thread. Have a nice game...

(I have uploaded even two more spells, see the picture...)

^scrye^ 14 September 2002 19:18

Thanx for this dido :)
I appreciate your maps sending in this ungrudging situation. I wish you luck with exams !! :)

dido 17 September 2002 13:36

Other maps...
... I'm going to upload the complete maps of Castle Mythill's

Have fun!

^scrye^ 24 September 2002 19:53


Excellent, excellent job... keep on it !!! ;)

dido 10 October 2002 20:53

I'm still alive!
Hy Scrye (and everyone...)

Excuse me if I didn't write later, but now I'm very busy with
university... But Here you are Belcoon Lake's map! Download
them from THE ZONE...

For any help, contact me! Bye.

^scrye^ 03 November 2002 14:03

Hi Dido

I've downloaded them and after a few minutes my PC died (forever). Now when I'm back here in full armor I should say thanx for this set of maps ;)

Anything new with your progress with playing?

dido 15 November 2002 18:48

... and maps...
Hi there,

Here you are some other maps, please visit "the zone"...

Bye bye.

dido 01 December 2002 18:05

All you need is map!
Hi all,

My job is finished, I've completed Evil's Doom! So I can send
you all maps of this great game. Download the latest maps from
THE ZONE, if you need some help, please mail me!


HexeH 09 June 2004 11:53

Terrible Evil's Doom PB
I look this forum today first time, but played Evil's Doom many
years ago. I have the same problem as You dudes!

4th underwater level under Belcoon lake - shit! :-(((
Now the links to the maps and pics there are broken :(((,
please could You help me? Thank YOU very much if yes!,


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