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Leandro Jardim 24 September 2013 05:17

16:9 Aspect ratio wrong?
Oh no, another "wrong aspect ratio" thing... :scream (Sorry, I know I am being pedantic, but I think is worth.) :D

When I enable a HD720 1280x720 screen mode and set "aspect ratio" to automatic or set it to 16:9, I would expect it to fill the whole screen since both Amiga monitor driver and my monitor resolution are 16:9, but it not.

The monitor is a LED FullHD TV at 1280x720 screen mode.

For example: when I set Automatic and view a 4:3 Amiga screen, the output is scaled down, as it should be. But when I view a 16:9 Amiga screen, the output is also scaled down. If both aspect ratio are equal its obvious that I dont need to scale it more, at least I think. :)

I am unsure if I need to report this, since I did a very similar question, make not so time ago, and at that time I misunderstood the real problem, but anyways, here am I. :)

Toni Wilen 24 September 2013 10:14

It is normal. It assumes Amiga output is 4:3, it is made for normal use, if you do special things, you need special configuration.

Leandro Jardim 24 September 2013 11:13

Thanks Toni for the answer! :great Sorry for more one question about "aspect ratios" and sorry also for that "its obvious..." phrase I did put on the text. Thats because I love bold statements, and nothing more, Ok?

Thanks! :)

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