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Grazey 12 March 2007 16:38

DMS'd some RARE Amiga intro CD's and Utils
Lucky for you lot that I kept onto all my old Amiga disks (well apart from games which were over 3 disks!)

I've found out that quite alot of my demo/intro disks are pretty rare. So I'm embarking on a mammoth DMS session the result of you can see at :-


these are the first disks imaged.... more to follow when I can be bothered!

Showaddywaddy of D-Bug / Grazey of PHF

mtb 12 March 2007 21:56

The first I have tried is twilight22.DMS , with an amiga 500 alike config:

disk corrupt - task held
Finish all disk activity
Select cancel to reset/debug.

Anyway i'm not that lucky today, and this seem a really good job.

dlfrsilver 12 March 2007 22:08

Thank you Grazey ^^ !

Adderly 15 March 2007 15:34

nice collection, thanks Grazey! :great

BippyM 15 March 2007 17:37

bllody hell.. you've been quiet adderly

Grazey 15 March 2007 19:11

Ok, a few of the DMS's had read errors. So I've now re-imaged them as ADF and they seem more error-free.

The one's I've re-done are :-

Twilight 22
Wizoid Music 3
Hitmouse Copiers
Vangelis (I love that music)


Adderly 21 March 2007 23:55


Originally Posted by bippym
bllody hell.. you've been quiet adderly

Yo, it's because i hit my 666th post and needed some time to do evil things out there... :evilgrin

Found some issues from the "Impact - Dream Utilities" pack series among ur disk. Nice stuff, i love all those pack disks! :bowdown
Give us more m8! :xmas

StingRay 22 March 2007 00:01

Hiya Grazey, nice to see you posting here. :)

Dizzy 22 March 2007 04:41

nice site :D

Grazey 22 March 2007 15:22


Originally Posted by StingRay
Hiya Grazey, nice to see you posting here. :)

Yep, I finally turned to the dark side ;)

Got tonnes more stuff to image, just need to find the time!


DaZZaBoY 23 March 2007 18:31

Superb work Grazey!!

Always good to see when people convert retro stuff and make available online - good effort. :bowdown

Converted a shit load of old stuff myself recently but in process of setting up some larger server space, so nothing online as yet.

Keep it up bro!

Grazey 16 April 2007 23:13

Ok Another update. 27 new ADF images uploaded.

This time mostly Anarchy, Animate, Cryptic and Dimension Zero packs.



Frog 17 April 2007 00:56

Thanx Grazey !

lloyd 17 April 2007 17:42

Don't suppose anybody ever managed to find Trip To Deep Bass did they? Excellent two disk music demo, had it once - lost it and now can't hardly find a mention of it! :(

ice cream man 27 May 2007 08:03

Grazey - big thanks for making Vangelis music demo available. Because of its obscurity, I forgot the author of that one.

Two links (Twilight22 and Vangelis) need fixing.

Grazey 03 May 2009 17:24

Finally got the Amiga to PC networking up 'n' running. So expect plenty more DMS's on the site soon :)

i'll also update the HTML :)


sjakie43 24 May 2009 00:28

Maybe some nice additions :cheese

Please check them against Amiga Demobase :D



TCD 24 May 2009 00:36

Nice site there Grazey :great
Like sjakie43 said, I also hope some new goodies will find their way to your site :agree :)

Grazey 07 September 2009 00:11

Ok, i've added some more DMS to the site. Not sure if any are rare> Maybe the Synergetic CD and the Express CD?


see www.dbug-automation.co.uk/amiga.htm

Grazey 09 January 2010 19:55

Hi we've changed servers

new URL is



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