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Yeleveruk 28 September 2002 01:35

Stakker Humanoid and Digital Force
Hi, I`m looking for 3 demos. Not sure what the stakker humanoid demo was called but it had 2 other songs on it, one was Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal and the other was Art Of Noise. The other demo is Rapmania by Digital Force, the one that says F**K your horse!!!! And finally the last demo had a song called weapon which had samples of robocop and someone dancing in the background. Think it was called crazy tunes 2. If anyone could tell me where to download them then I would be very gratefull. Thanx in advance for any help.

useless/spb 13 October 2002 01:52

Digital force - ode to ramon is now in the zone.

Yeleveruk 13 October 2002 03:35

Thanx for the upload:D

ImmortalA1000 07 November 2011 22:00

Anyone have the stakker humanoid demo?

StingRay 07 November 2011 22:38

It's the Random Access Music Compilation

ImmortalA1000 18 November 2011 22:38

Thank you.

h0ffman 17 December 2011 11:42

Weapon is from amazing tunes 2 by share and enjoy.

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