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CFOU! 19 August 2005 02:23

WHDLaunch V1.1 and SearchGuideCF V1.0 released
3 Attachment(s)
SearchGuideCF V1.0:
- SearchGuide's replacement (More speed with more options)
- 999 successif researches are possibles ...
-(see txt file attachement for more detail)

WHDLaunch V1.1:
- WHDAutoLaunch can use 5 game's paths now (set in WHDAutoLaunch.Prefs)
- SearchGuideCF command included and used to add search button in guide files
(list of whdload's games and demos with short descriptions for research)
-(see txt file attachement for more detail)

The ZIP/RAR attachment is an AVI demonstration asked by EmuChicken to show an usage of SearchGuideCF and WHDAutoLaunch to search&launch very simply and quickly an installed game (or demo) using WHDLoad...

WHDLaunch V1.1 and SearchGuideCF V1.0 packages are uploaded today in TheZONE! and Aminet.

Good test


Phiber 12 December 2005 13:09

Does WHDLaunch work with WB2.1 too, or does it really need WB3.1?

I was hoping to integrate it with my upcoming pre-installed WB2.1 setup, but after looking at the readme-file i was a bit disappointed..

Would it be hard to add WB2.1 support?

keropi 12 December 2005 13:36

I cannot find them in the Zone!

TheBoss 12 December 2005 14:13

Topic is a few months old so the Zone has none of the files...a repost seems in order though :xmas

CFOU! 12 December 2005 14:17


Originally Posted by TheBoss
Topic is a few months old so the Zone has none of the files...a repost seems in order though :xmas

WhdAutoLaunch is on aminet here:

CFOU! 03 May 2012 22:42

here last links:
see avi video for démonstration in attachement...

I use this tools and amigaguide file since many years to search or/and launch my whdload's games using amigaguide file

Look video and you understand that it's simple

Indeed amigafile is already created, you have just to install this 2 tools on hard drive and modify folder parameters in file 'env-archive:WhdAutolaunch.prefs'.

But installed whload's games must be placed in folder like:

And, games name's folder must use the protocol of whdload's package names.
By example for 'AlienBreed3D.lha' installer package, game must be installed in:

So game folder will be automatically seeked in/

if game is found when you click on game name in amigaguide file, game will be automatically launched or the game's folder opened or a choice menu will be appeared according your parameters set in 'Env-archive/WHDAutoLaunch.prefs' file.
(see doc for more explain)


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