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Galaxy 31 May 2007 15:26

This thread will be used to inform EAB users on the latest updates to AMR.

See here for recent updates to AMR

Galaxy 06 December 2007 12:41

Quite a bit has been added to AMR over the past week or so. Use above link to access.


Retro-Nerd 06 December 2007 14:54

Thanks for the update, Galaxy. Another fine BC Kid review. :great

Sensi 06 December 2007 14:57

I love AMR. :bowdown

alexh 06 December 2007 16:33

The only site I have more respect for is archive.org's Wayback Machine


Both amazingly great tools, and incredible achievements

Galaxy 11 December 2007 12:18

Thanks guys - some more updates for you all to get your teeth into.

Mainly ACE and The One this time.

kriz 11 December 2007 13:18

Great work!!

killergorilla 11 December 2007 13:27

Nice one people, keep up the SUPERB work.

alexh 11 December 2007 16:42

I've had to do some reclassifying of what is important in my life.

AMR team now rank above GOD.

[Edit: If you are atheist with no sense of humour, please read the above line to be a compliment rather than an insult]

Graham Humphrey 11 December 2007 18:02

Totally agree - awesome work :bowdown

bLAZER 09 April 2008 01:03

4 complete issues of the Swedish Datormagazin has been added to AMR, a total of 360 pages.

bLAZER 12 May 2008 21:08

Swedish magazines update: Four issues of Oberoende Computer and one issue of Svenska Hemdatornytt has been completely scanned and added. 316 pages.

Galaxy 13 May 2008 10:41

Also, an issue of Amiga Action and several issues of the American version of Amiga Computing have been added recently

Mort 29 May 2008 22:39

Hi Guys,
Another Update check out the cd32 gamers over half now have compete set of pages! and Amiga Computing is has issues 1-12 completely scanned and many more besides.

Regards Mort ;)

Galaxy 12 June 2008 12:14

Small update: two more complete issues of Amiga Power (nos 12 and 15) have been uploaded.

Galaxy 13 June 2008 13:51

Amiga Power 13 has just been uploaded - some really interesting articles in there.

Amiga Active 18 will also be online soon.


bLAZER 12 September 2008 23:06

Issue 13 1990 of Swedish Datormagazin completely scanned.

Galaxy 22 September 2008 12:38

A fairly large update has occurred over the last week with review pages from about 10 issues added to AMR. (update also included Amiga Action 28 which has dropped off the news page). http://amr.abime.net/

spirit 19 October 2008 15:29

Awesome work.


ma693541 19 October 2008 20:32

Datormagazin Lindströms 1104-3784 Sweden
Hi Galaxy. Something for AMR? I can remember that Datormagazin was divided up in two part's, A norwegian and a swedish part.
If my mind doesn't trick me, they also had some coverdisk's on some of the later magazines.
Shall check my diskboxes when im back from vacation.

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