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adgloride 08 May 2006 17:36

Help with Amiga Explorer
I have a wireless netgear card that connects to my wireless router. I can access the internet on the wireless router and ping both the pc and the amiga. The problem is Amiga Explorer, I have it set up on both machines but keep getting an error on the pc side when I try to access the amiga. Its something like an error accessing TCP/IP connection.

When the Amiga Explorer isn't running on the amiga I get a different error that it can't find the connection and to go to properties to configure it. I've got the firewall on the router open and in miami open to access Amiga Explorer. I'm using windows XP and a netgear wireless router. Just wondering if any one had any ideas how to fix this, I've been trying for months to network my pc to my amiga with no success.

T_hairy_bootson 08 May 2006 18:11

I set up miami on my 1200 the other night using DHCP. I had internet and AExplorer working at one stage and then for some reason AExplorer stopped working but the internet continues to work fine. I have the Amiga and PC plugged into a hub and the broadband modem plugged into the same hub. In miami I set ip addresses correctly even though I then set it to DHCP so I can still see the addresses but they are shaded out.

Any advice on how to have both internet and AExplorer working at the same time would definately be appreciated by myself also.

adgloride 10 May 2006 14:55

I've managed to sort out the problem. I had it all set up it was just the amiga explorer on the amiga side. I had is set for the ip address of my router and just need to have it set to auto. Its working perfectly now, got it running at the maximum transfer rate I'm going to find out how big the packets can be now to make it even faster.

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