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funK 14 March 2019 12:27

Adding a PS trophies-like system?
As it is now, WHDLoad is practically perfect, but would it technically be possible to extend it by adding some kind of trophies system to it? It would of course be up to slave coders decide what accomplishments reward with a trophy in any particular game.
I mean, something like advancing to a stage, beating a boss, or reaching a high score - the simpler the better - could reward the player the same way Playstation users are, preferably not with a distracting pop-up during gameplay, but with some kind of dedicated summary screen upon exit.
I'm not personally a fan of trophies, but I know my sons are and they would love to find them also in Amiga games, and by having them I'm sure there are other players who will be stimulated to play some obscure/weird game they wouldn't even bother to load otherwise.

IvanEBC 25 March 2019 08:17

A thing i had put some thought into myself but never asked as i feared a verbal backlash to the idea (you get it from me).

I had thought about the implementation, figured i didn't like asking the WHDload team to do that work, though maybe a hub could be added to the current games and third parties could plugin to that hub and decide what the achievements could be and use some sort of file to create the achievements and WHDload would read that file and pop the trophy when achieved, that resulting trophy would want to be hard coded... but its just a personal trophy then, not really shareable, but then another third party project could be a trophy viewer to checks a drive for trophy files and displays progress, or even display games you don't yet have and could try since you completed the others already.

I know alot of people would be against it, as well as alot of hard work to create and implement it, but i reckon it would add a certain amount of replayability and challenge.

Wepl 09 July 2019 17:58

Adding trophies/achievements would require a deeper change in the game code and for some games fine understanding of the game workings.
I don't see manpower and motivation for that.

Also the following problems exist:
- the results can be faked easy because Slave source is open
- there is network access required (atleast makes not much sense without IMHO)
- it needs some central account management

I have on my ToDo list global high score lists and rating installs. These are simpler but have the same problems as above.

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