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Zapp_Brannigan 12 March 2008 16:29

[Found: Say] Amiga talking
Ok this is actually not a game but let me explain. Hope you guys know what I mean then:

Ok when I had my Amiga back at the 90s I had one or even more cracked game disks, which had besides the game, a certain program.

You could for example post then:

"iiiiiiiioooooooiiiiiiioioioioioio....." and there would be that robot like voice saying that.

So my question is: Does anyone know were I can find such a game disk or an adf with this program?

Shoonay 12 March 2008 16:37

The name is [Say]. A tiny proggie on Extras disk (IIRC) in wb 1.3 and 2.04

Zapp_Brannigan 12 March 2008 16:43

Thank you. Do you also know were I could download it?

Shoonay 12 March 2008 16:50

Sorry, no idea, but Aminet.net would be a good start.

Zapp_Brannigan 12 March 2008 17:31

Didnt find it there, but I emailed them. Hope my mail wont end as junk or something.

so. 12 March 2008 18:27

This was part of the operating system so you would have to get that (not from Aminet), or try a replacement (like http://aminet.net/package/util/misc/SofTalk).

Zapp_Brannigan 17 March 2008 01:58

Hm a shame. And I was shure the program was on an cracked game disk... oh well.

But thanks for the given replacement, I will definetly try it out then! :D

btw: sorry for the late reply.

NLS 17 March 2008 09:48

(now that the issue is solved - smalltalk)

did you actually have an Amiga back then?
"say" is more than famous for Amiga people (esp. pre 2.X Amiga people)
your post seemed something like "What is Deluxe Paint?" to my eyes

don't blame you for anything, don't get insulted, just curious :)

Zapp_Brannigan 20 March 2008 15:10

No problem, its alright. :D

Well my big brother and I had an Amiga back then, yes.
But I was still a small kid back then - as I was born in 1987. So the Amiga was my first gaming machine and I really used it alot, to "play only" games. :D

I remember that I used also to play around with this program called Say, but I thought that it was on a cracked game disk we had - and not that it was part of the operating system or so...

So, because of my age back then (as I only wanted to play play play), I really dont know how Amiga programs work like or how they are like. Altough my brother sometimes also painted on the Amiga or so - they looked like Amiga graphics too which was cool. Might have been the "Deluxe Paint"... dont know.

Well sorry for the longer post, but lets say this is part of my "Amiga-history". :D

Marcuz 20 March 2008 15:47

i loved Say :) to me it was something like an A.I. in 1991...

NLS 21 March 2008 00:08

okie Zapp :)

Merlin 23 March 2008 23:42

I have a question about the Say command (which was actually on the Workbench disk in version 2.04, not the Extras disk).

Will this command work under later versions of Workbench, i.e. 2.05/2.1 or 3.0/3.1?

I have Workbench 3.0 installed on an A600 with KS 3.1 and it doesn't want to run, although I could be doing something wrong.



NLS 23 March 2008 23:47

it should run, but IIRC needs narrator.device

Merlin 23 March 2008 23:52

Ahh, that should be easy to fix then, thanks.


meega 24 March 2008 17:15

You will also want translator.library, speak-handler, and the SPEAK: mountlist entry.

Say works fine in 3.0, I don't know why they took it out.

There is a multilingual development with a Prefs program... Check out some of these:


Dastardly 24 March 2008 17:29

Say was really good back in the early 90s. Every time I hear Stephen Hawking on tv it reminds me of Say.

Galaxy 24 March 2008 22:20

There's an A600 sitting in the bottom of his wheel chair. How else do you think he speaks!

andreas 19 December 2010 01:53


Originally Posted by Shoonay (Post 401381)
The name is [Say]. A tiny proggie on Extras disk (IIRC) in wb 1.3 and 2.04

Extras disk is correct.
However, "Say" would not make sense in WB 2.04 with a 2.04 Extras Disk because you will NOT find either of narrator.device, translator.library or speak-handler there!

Like this old post of alexh states, the speech synthesis stuff got pulled in 2.04 because of legal disputes and disagreement with the company that made it.
Only way out will be to copy the needed "driver" stuff off a 1.3 disk.

Mequa 19 December 2010 23:46

'Say' is just a small utility (which also comes with an icon, Say.info). It can be launched from its icon or used from the Shell to say any piece of text. ('Say "Hello"' will do just that.)

The text to speech is handled via narrator.device (in DEVS: ) and translator.library (in LIBS: ). There is also a "speak-handler" (in L: ).

I first had the Amiga 500 and then the 1200, which didn't come with Say, but after installing Workbench 3.0 to my A1200 hard drive, I copied all the previous files over from the Workbench 1.3 floppies, and Say worked on my A1200.

Here is a little-known fact:
AMOS Professional came with a newer version of narrator.device and translator.library than Workbench 1.3.
(It may have been the build included with WB 2.0 - I've yet to compare them.)

When these updates are used with the original Workbench 1.3 Say utility, the speech quality is considerably better than the original.

Yep, I just checked this out. Here's what's on the first AMOS Pro disk (AMOS-Professional10_1of6.adf) downloadable from here (6 in a zip):
http://www.back2roots.org/Tools/Dev/ (direct link to download)

In Devs:
narrator.device 65176 ----rw-d 04-Oct-92 18:24:57

In Libs:
translator.library 10592 ----rwed 04-Oct-92 18:25:52

(L:speak-handler is not included.)

While these are the speech synthesis files from a Workbench 1.3 disk (this one looks like a slightly later revision):

In Devs:
narrator.device 23280 ----rw-d 13-Aug-88 18:08:58

In Libs:
translator.library 10584 ----rw-d 11-Dec-90 21:28:13

In L:
Speak-Handler 4212 ----rw-d 28-Mar-89 14:09:34

In Utilities (Workbench 1.3 disk, NOT on the extras disk):
Say 7012 ----rwed 13-Aug-88 18:13:25
Say.info 290 ----rwed 13-Aug-88 18:12:31

I suggest copying devs/narrator.device and libs/translator.library from the AMOS Pro disk, and L/Speak-Handler and Utilities/Say (plus icon) from a Workbench 1.3 disk, into a Workbench 3.x hard-drive install (into the appropriate directories).
Then try Say. :)

andreas 10 February 2011 21:14

Whoa, you never stop learning.
Nice findings - thank you very much! :great

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