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StarEye 22 May 2005 12:12

I agree, completely. While I have an A1260/50 with 128mb fast, OS3.9, Voodoo 3 3000PCI etc etc, all you really need is an A1230 with 16-32mb fast, OS3.0 and a harddrive (4gb), and some means of transferring all the games. If you have a lot of original games, you don't even need that. Just use a 720k disk to transfer the WHDload installer-files on the specific game, they don't take up much space so you can transfer a lot of them pretty quickly.

99,9% of the amiga games won't need flashy peripherals to work, even a very few games would need a 1260 - those are usually not worth it anyway. The 030 is more than fast enough for classic amiga gaming.

Bloodwych 22 May 2005 13:01

I manage to get by fine on an A1200 with 8MB fastram expansion and a 1.2gig HD.

For the vast majority of titles, this is fine. Anything that requires CPU power (like certain AGA demos) I run in WinUAE.

An accelerator is of course the preferred choice and I'd personally look for no higher than an 030 50Mhz. These accelerators offer a great balance between power and compatibility.

If you do a search you'll find issues can arise when you start using certain other higher model accelerators and I don't think it's worth the hassle.

By the way, for real A1200 workbench setups check out the Classic Workbench packs. One of them (the LITE version) is designed for 2MB A1200's with a built in multiboot ability to save on CHIPRAM and help WHDload games run.

cosmiq 23 May 2005 14:06

Yup, already have the classic wb packs. Anyway, it is a 1200 with 2mb / 160mb, and it already fits my needs for like 90% now..
The only big thing which bothers me is the requirements for almost all demos.

for making music, the current setup is great!

Akira 24 May 2005 03:59

Really? Depends on which music programs you are using. MusicLine surely is happy with some extra power in there!

Also WHDLoad gaming is for me very uncomfortabel on anything with less than 16MB of RAM.

But if it suits your needs fair enough ;D

cosmiq 24 May 2005 09:39

Damn, just tried to run barsnpipes.. not enough memory.. hmm
Also tried WHDload.. doesn't work.. hmm
Tried to copy some favorite games from disk to harddisk.. aint working for goals n ghosts.. neither for interphase.exe.. neither for some other games..

maybe I need an upgrade after all ;)

Akira 27 May 2005 00:31

YEs you do.

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