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Korodny 07 July 2002 18:13

Kickoff 2002 for AmigaDE
AmigaFlame reports that Virtual Programming will port Kickoff 2002 to AmigaDE. Read more.

stainy 07 July 2002 23:21

Well, whadaya know! it`s come full circle:cool

Fred the Fop 25 September 2002 09:03

I'm confused, are thiose the Amiga DE snapshots or the Mac snapshots? If it's Mac, I gotta get it!! Does anyone know?

alkis21 25 September 2002 11:04

I already posted these news in another thread. I'm pretty sure these are PC screenshots, although the Mac version is not different.

Fred the Fop 27 September 2002 07:01

Not for nothing, but most of the projects on the AmigaOne release list are old, wrong, dead, vapourware, or pipe dreams. Amiga Flame seems not to be a good, reliable source for this info. Not at all.
Earth 2140 was released in late 2000, for example. Sudden Strike is NOT coming out for the AmigaOne. Neither is Eurpoa Universalis.
The latest news on Lambda dates from late 1999!
It needs to be updated.

alkis21 27 September 2002 10:32

KO02 *will* be released though.

Fred the Fop 27 September 2002 10:55

For the AmigaOne?
If it is so, good. Bu it depends on the release of the AmigaOne, predicted now to happen by Christmas/New Years.

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