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DrBong 29 June 2022 21:13

Magical Myths - New HOL Entry + MIA Disk Image in da Zone!
Hello EAB peeps!

Been sitting on a bunch of original games and edutainment titles not in TOSEC and unavailable elsewhere on the net AFAIK. Some I've only acquired in the last 6-12 months, while others have been stuck in packing boxes that I had no idea they were in. I hope to get them out into the wild in the coming weeks/months when work 'n' life cuts me a bit of slack.

Anyway, today I have one of the more recent acquisitions to share with you. It's another MIA storybook edutainment title from Unicorn Software to go with The Adventures of Sinbad that I upped to the Zone the other day (check out this EAB thread if you missed it!).

Again, find a working ADF of Magical Myths sans copy protection....in the Zone. To quote Galahad from another thread, it's another original release that uses the "wanktastic Ben Herndon HLS protection" !!! :laughing It ran fine in extensive tests here on my A500 when I was knocking up HOL screenshots for it. I don't really emulate, so emulation users please test and report any problems. Enjoy! :cool

Magical Myths -----> https://hol.abime.net/6542 <----- HOL entry (thanks to Belg for creating a new entry recently and reminding me about this title! :great)

TCD 29 June 2022 22:29

Nice one :great Thank you for also sharing the game itself :)

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