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RCK 04 August 2001 02:07

New moderators
I would like to congratulate two members as new EAB's moderators !
they have done excellent work and provide a great help to the amiga community during the last months.

Good work for Twistin' Ghost & Codetapper !

Ian 04 August 2001 15:41

@Twistin' Ghost
Congrat's m8

BTW Windows is the greatest OS in the world, Micro$oft the best company and Internet Explorer is the greatest web browser known to man:shocked

MethodGit 04 August 2001 16:36

Oh, how I wish I had as much Amiga knowledge as the most popular users on here...
But then again, you can't really imagine *me* as a moderator in the far future now, can you?

Khephren 04 August 2001 18:09

Me and you both Marz.

Perhaps RCK can get http://shitforbrains.abime.net for us :eek

RCK 04 August 2001 18:50

Khephren, yes, if you want, I like your knowledge in demos and mods scene :cool

MarzAttakz, no, your last crisis and problem was too much, moreover, did you really think you can help people as much as TG or Codetapper ? ...
remember also that a good moderator do not ask for games like you did during the last months.

a good moderator is someone who help people, who never (or rarely) ask something, and is enough present on the board. Akira, CodyJarrett & Twistin' Ghost are perfect exemple of what we need.

Khephren 04 August 2001 20:15

You mean I get shitforbrains domain all to myself LOL

I'll pass on the mods offer. Not much there to moderate and I just prefer to post. Cheers anyway.

Fred the Fop 04 August 2001 20:17

I agree with tomato head.

Ian 04 August 2001 20:36

HEHE, my above post was ...
... A test for Twistin', which he passed with flying colours I might add. (ie He didn't censor my Pro M$ drivel, such restraint is what's needed from moderators, well done Twistin':D)

Fred the Fop 04 August 2001 20:47

Twist is fair, just and honest. He would not bother to do so, when i saw this thread..BUT..he may go into one of his "I hate Bill Gates" diatribes.
Which is fine by me, because when I argue with my wBroken Windoze loving freinds, I have more ammunition to use, as Mr Ghost is well versed.

Jambo 04 August 2001 20:50

Not a very accurate test considering he doesn’t actually moderate this forum ;)

Try posting it in the off-topic forum and see what becomes of it :cheese

Twistin'Ghost 04 August 2001 20:56

A test?! Hmmm...as I recall, I was usually the one in those threads who wanted the discussion to happen and I was, in fact, the one who was silenced and censored.

I have been a Libertarian for some time now and have always supported free speech moreso than even most Americans (who like to pretend they support free speech, but all have a breaking point). For example, I loathe rap music, but believe it has the right to exist.

America is slipping deeper into censorship (even of thought), judging by what I read in the papers daily. It scares me. I have never viewed being a moderator or even sysop as an opportunity to silence, like some people do, but a lot of people do...

When I ran my BBS in the old days, I opened a forum for political debate (Democrats vs Republicans, really) and it got so ugly because people could not handle the free speech and non-censorship, that the users representing the two sides, who were previously friends, ended up never speaking to each other again.

To quote from the film "Talk Radio":
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can cause permanent damage."

Apologies for drifting off-topic.

Ian 04 August 2001 21:02

You right, silly me, I forgot only RCK can moderate this forum:(

Twistin'Ghost 04 August 2001 21:04

As for my anti-M$/Bill Gates diatribes, I only go there when it's relevant or when somebody else brings it up (like now). When I was cut off at you-know-where for my opinions, it was very on-topic, as the front page was/is IE-only and I was merely addressing this issue. The sysop didn't have or know the answers and deleting my posts proved to be easier than facing the truths I was posting. It's actually nowhere near as fanatical as it is perceived. It only looks that way because #1) I am the minority Netscape user, #2) I explain in detail why I believe as I do, and #3) I am right.

How quickly everyone forgets that Amiga users were in the same situation at one time and ended up surrendering to the lesser system due to peer pressure.

Fred the Fop 04 August 2001 21:18

Well some Amigans want over to Apple, so it is not all bad:)
Well said Mr Ghost.
Being an atheist, I am attcked by aal kinds..Christians, jews, Muslims, hindus, bhuddists. new agers, UFO nuts, native americans, voodoo\santarians...I know what it means to feel alone against a massive tide.
And from what I heard, is Netscape dead? AOL did it in..no? I am only asking, because I heard this somewhere.....

Twistin'Ghost 04 August 2001 23:14

Apple is still a lesser system (than the Amiga), IMHO.

And I get just as attacked for being a Christian as you do for being an atheist, so the door swings both ways. (now watch me get bombed for saying THAT!)

Netscape is, apparently, no longer developing their 6.x (or any other version that I am aware of...), but I still find the 4.x version I am using to be more stable than any other browser I have used. Hell, I still use WB 3.1 and also find it quite stable. I feel no need to change tide just because the Joneses all around me do. If I need something that one offers over another, I then make a decision based on that. Which is why I caved and bought a PC for internet, emulation, music creation, mp3's, and a whole bunch of other things I could not afford to do on the Amiga. But it wasn't because of the OS, that's for sure.

Fred the Fop 04 August 2001 23:21

I will bomb you. No, Twist, we are reviled and despised more than any other group, save Nazis.

I don't even want to hear it.

And being a former muslim, I can tell you, an educated media man, that a muslim in America ihas it VERY difficult, being that they are reviled as well.

Fred the Fop 04 August 2001 23:22

PS Apple maniacs like me are attacked as well by the PC penises as well.:(

Akira 04 August 2001 23:37

This is strange... I posted a message here saying 'Welcome to the GAng!' to both Codetapper and Twistin, but it disappeared. What happened RCK? Any clues?

Twistin'Ghost 04 August 2001 23:42

Maybe one of the two of us got power-crazed and deleted it! Hehehe..kidding, of course.

You're using IE, right? Naw, forget that one, too. :)

Either way, thanks for the welcome and more importantly, thanks for dragging this all back on topic! You don't see that happening enough these days!

RCK 04 August 2001 23:50

I don't where your post is gone, was it really post here ?
(I mean, did you read it through the thread ?)

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