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Big-Byte 20 October 2002 22:24

Singing Skulls Demo
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Some of you may remember that a long time ago I posted some disks of source code that I wrote.

Well Ive been going through my old amiga files again and can now present you with one of the demos I wrote...

Singing Skulls Demo!! Its tested and works under kickstart 1.2 in uae. Config file is included in the zip..

File is in the zone. More to come maybe :)

RCK 20 October 2002 23:18

nice :cool

Ash 21 October 2002 03:58


Paul 21 October 2002 11:27

Good Big-Byte :great

Djay 21 October 2002 22:43

what programming language was it written in big-byte?

Big-Byte 21 October 2002 23:22

Assembler of course :) (I wouldnt be able to understand it now though :confused

will post the source disk in the zone again if I can find them..

Muzkat 22 October 2002 17:22

Cool work, mate.:)

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