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turrican3 16 November 2019 08:43

increase the 256 byte Icache
Hi toni,
The i cache of a 68020 is 256 byte,
what should happen if winuae give the possibility to increase it ?
or the ICache of the 68060 or others versions ?? Or the Dcache ??

Could winuae increase it or his speed ???
I have the feeling that winuae did it already with some settings, i mean the speed, not the size ??
ps: do you have any intentions to emulate the cpu 68080 from the vampire or something else from it ?

Toni Wilen 16 November 2019 11:07

No. Emulating cache makes emulation slower. More to do = more CPU power required.

And No.

meynaf 16 November 2019 11:42

If you want super-fast cpu on winuae, just select "Fastest possible" and activate JIT. The cpu type does not matter. Target cpu's caches are not emulated at all, but it will use the host cpu's caches which are in the megabytes range.

PeterK 16 November 2019 14:44

Yes, "Fastest Possible" and "JIT" enabled are the most important settings for best speed, but also drag the "CPU Idle" slider to the leftmost position and for the UAE graphics board you can enable "Multithreaded".

Btw, on my Mini-PC with N4100 CPU, 2*2 MB cache, it seems to be a little faster to use only 8 MB JIT cache instead of the maximal 16 MB.

On the Windows side make sure that all the Amiga partitions or directories are added to the exclude list of the Windows Defender real-time protection or other malware scanners.

turrican3 19 November 2019 02:23

Good advices guys, :great

and thank you toni for the reply. :great

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